Have you ever?


Just hearts (and I have won $100!)

Have you ever kicked someone in the groin?


No one deserves to be kicked in the groin! :(

Have you ever wanted to kick ME in the groin?

John Rose


Have you ever violently punished someone whom did not turly deserve it?


Only if you count one stupid fight over nothing that I didn't start, but I had no choice but to employ violence.

Have you ever had your ass kicked by a woman?
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John Rose

Like a christian church?
Freemasons, what?

Have you ever picked someone up in less than 5 minutes?

Violette LeDrunc

I have only once ever tried to pick someone up, which I did as a sort of personal challenge, but I think it took me the length of a wedding ceremony. :)

Have you ever been picked up in less than 5 minutes?

Lady Rose


Have you ever been in a fight and couldn't remember why the next day?

Artemis Gordon

All the time, and sometimes I can avoid doing it at all.

Have you ever tried to break an addiction?


Nopes not pink but various shades of brown and reds, streaks of blonde yeah alot of the time ^^

Have you ever loved someone more than yourself?

(Is it even possible? ^^)


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i do...always...till now...(yeah its possible even for a short period of time)

have you ever tried dipping bread on condensed milk for a snack?

*did it now its so sweet^^*


Yesh.... used to spread it on bread ^^

Also used to butter bread and sprinkle sugar all over it and toast it. Don't do it so much now. I wonder why...I think lazy.... hehe... maybe coz there's just so much processed food all around.

Have you ever had a headache that just lasts for days and makes you feel like your head is about to explode?


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dizzyness...24/7 only gone for a while then back again... even felt nauseous (but swear im not preggy IMPOSSIBLE)

have you ever played super mario wit your grand mom?


Nopes, only with my brother ^^

And he kicks ass at every game he plays :p

Have you ever tried telling a lie with a straight face? ^^


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Easy to lie, and its needed to manipulate others

Have you ever listened to the song "Mr. Tambourine man" by Bob Dylan