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As i've heard (and seen), the Chinese are coming to town

seems like they want some forts - I'll give 'em some duels in return


It will be a great honor to fight you on the battlefield and outside of your saloon.


How long will Li Jun`s folks be in town? I see "W11 GM Event". Is it relevant to this?


Chinese players coming

Are they only going to fort fight or even going to duel? And can they duel townless players? :)


I have been resurrected again to show you westerners the warrior way. Your puny questions are not deserving of an answer.


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chinese are nubs!

i honestly suspect futuruma is their leader

futu already plays on too many worlds, his being here with the Chinese would be a contravention to multi-account laws :p - I asked the same question once and Elmyr laughed at my face. I'll take that as a no.

neel, stop blabbing about the greatness of colorado. I - or, for the matter, the chinese don't care. Rather, come to W11 and fight 'em with me, if you're a true man.


By the way, I can't see them in the forts. Where can I find them in game and interact? Is it started yet?


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because it takes time to organize an event?

you won't find them searching through the ranking because, to be fair, they don't belong there. you just need to know how to look for them.


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good, about time.

The announcement was interesting - but, frankly there are too many rules. made me think ya are not really Chinese, but soft and kind Europeans

Our intentions are not to cause problems, but some activity and fun in world 11.

I disgress, there is no such thing as controlled chaos. Sorry, people harass others in the West all the time, and its what makes the game what it is

Snr Sarg

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so, when we telegram you to arrange duels, are you actually going to respond on this world?

Messaged you on W12, never even got the courtesy of a reply :mad: