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Father Coram

:D I'll always be a lil' busy i mean after all, i have another few years and this year has been the toughest so far...But it gets worse...My big holiday is in July which 3 out of seven weeks i will be spending on holdiay in France!

W00t! I'm also going to be gone from saturday afternoon till tuesday afternoon this week, and next. :D

James the Hunter

Civil War RPG has to be the best RPG out of em all. Thats ever existed. Period. And I'm not saying that JUST cause I wrote it. I say it JUST cause it's the only time Peril, me, Angel, and Westwoods were in the same RPG. All we needed was Dave and then it would've been a party.

Lord Regal

Campfire Guardian
Must've been before my time then...I don't remember that thread at all. I do like the idea of the HOF for RPs...I'll take any suggestions for threads here or PMs...sounds like Big Fight and Civil War are up for the nomination thus far. I like the idea of RP maker of the month or something like that...I'll be making the thread very shortly...look for it!

Father Coram

I've got loads of unfinished stuff floatin' around maybe when i get back i'll have a dig through t maybe get in at a chance at gettin' a few votes i mean after all every little one counts and i'd just like to participate. :)



Man, this place is a bit more lively than a while ago.Regal why ain't I up there on HoF or Father Coram?I know why not me, but not FC that's a shame!

Lord Regal

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FC has stated he's coming back very soon...and I'm holding to the preference of those of us who get in to the HOF are no longer with us...You I was sure would be back :)

Now, for those of you who have not sent me your votes for RP awards, you have 3 days left to do so. I will not accept more PMs for the awards starting midnight on the 8th.

Father Coram

:D Thanks! That's rather re-assuring, bt surely i've made more problems that i've solved in this section, i've hardly tried to do some of the things i could've...That makes me a little sad i guess, but now i'm back and hopefully be here for a while.

Father Coram

Ummm, i'm not sure, i'm tied down with homework at this current momenty in time, aswell as chores and food i have other small things to get sorted, i have a day off tomorrow so i might sit down and read some, long as you guys don't mind me joinin' so late.

Father Coram

Thanks guys, your support means alot to me, i'm just digging some stuff up on China's one child policy at the moment...5 Page assesment to type. :sad: Still, get it done tonight!!

Wait...I just figured something out about Annie...And yes Peril...Lassen is female.
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Sorry, didnt know where to post dis....

Once a RP gets like erm.... well when its bein goin on a long time .. can you still make a character and play along? (tumble)

And is there any other RP's anybody would recommend ? :razz:

Lord Regal

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Moved your question over Macky, since it's better off here. :)

You are able to join up in an RP whenever you feel like it. You may need to get up to speed, but as long as you're willing to learn fast, it's all good.

Well, the active RP list shows the highest rated, as they're active...which reminds me...I have to update those lists :hmf: ...I'll do it later on tonight.
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Father Coram

Well, don't worry feel free to PM me anytime with questions...But i might be a little slow right now...

But generaly join asap, but yes i ahve joined late and have still gone with the flow...Try it. :D

Well, i can't recomend much for now, since i myself haven't read through the roleplays currently dancin' through the HOF right now. :)

Darn you Regal! You stole mah awnser!!! ROFL!!

Lord Regal

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You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Father Coram again.

Sorry about that...but as I was the one who moved it, I think I had the advantage...

Well, now you have two quality answers Macky...feel free to PM me as well. :)

Father Coram

Well, everyone loves Regal don't they! How could you not love this guy? *Hugs* :D

Well, anyone else up for sleep? :D


I like you, Lord Regal, I really do, but I don't love ya. If you's kin, I'd love ya.

You can join any of my Role-Plays. No one seemed to keen on my last one, Unnatural Act. I guess you guys don't like Parallel Universes :p I worked for like two days on that one!

Father Coram

:D I don't get as much time as i used to...Tis' a shame considering all of the good work that ahas been released...I ahve nothing for you, no fresh ideas have compelled me to write something...


I'm O.K at making RP threads, but I'm more of a Role-Player and I like to add alot of drama,twist and annoyances in this section.Don't know how much stories I've twisted so far.

Ask me for questions on how to RP good not making RP threads.That's FC's job.


Mix together 3 parts action to 2 parts drama, add a pinch of suspense and stir until plot thickens.

How do you like that line?
I've been toying around with two ideas recently.​

Idea one: a Time Crisis based RP.
A terrorist organization called the Silver Wolves have invaded the town of New Pompeii,
and are planning to stimulate the nearby dormant volcano in order to cause a supereruption.

Idea two: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon themed RP.
I have no idea what to do with this.