Advent Calendar 9. Game

Harriet Oleson

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I don't understand the question : Henry Walker is the first NPC to talk to us and he gives us quests directly at the start (in the tutorial). And after the tutorial, he directly gives us quests too.
So either you're talking about the quests he gives in the tutorial and there's no requirements to unlock it.
Either you're talking about the firsts real quests he gives after the tutorial, and here, according to the wiki we can have access to it if we are level >= 2. But that's not a real condition, knowing after the quests tutorial, we are necessarly at least at level 3 ...


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There are no requirements to unlock Henry Walker besides signing up for The-West, joining one of the available worlds, and creating a character. He is available as soon as a person starts playing with the quest "Introduction."
Barkeeper Henry Walker: Welcome to my saloon. My name is Henry Walker, I'm the barkeeper. Are you new to this area? Are you interested in earning a few bucks? You see that guy over there at the poker table? People call him Double-faced Jules. I just saw him pull an ace out of his cuff again. I don't like cheaters in my saloon. Could you please kick him out for me? I'll pay you 5 dollars for it!
Hint: Press the button "Challenge Double-faced Jules" to kick him from the saloon.

Barkeeper Henry Walker: Thank you! Here are your 5 dollars.


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You have to go to the Saloon and be at the minimum Character Level at which a Quest is available.