Advent Calendar 9. Game

Bitter Lemon

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Henry is in the saloon from the beginning, as he is already needed for the game's tutorial.
So the requirement is to have a game account and log into a world.


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When you create an account he already gives you quests.

But if you mean the quest window inside the saloon and not as a widget itself, than after the tutorial.


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There is no quest requirement to unlock Barkeeper Henry Walker as he is available right from the start of the game in the saloon.


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Either nothing because he is the first quest giver or since you can't click inside the tavern during the initial tutorial - finishing it.


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it depends
if we talk about just accessing quest from him, then just registering into a new world, the first quest is from him.
if we talk about freely accessing him, then you have to finish quest save the saloon part 1


No requirement. Just open the saloon window and the Introduction questline is available from Henry Walker at the start of the game.


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Nincs előfeltétele, a világra való regisztrálást követően, azonnal ő fogad minket az első tutorial, bevezető kalanddal.
There is no requirement, after registration to given world Henry Walker will meet us immediately with the newcomer's quest.