Advent Calendar 9. Game

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No requirements; in the very first tutorial, when there are still clouds on the map, the quest giver is Henry Walker.


You open the saloon and then find barkeep Henry Walker. If there is a quest available, you will find it by the yellow exclamation point. otherwise, you may need to have something in your possession or on your character for a particular quest.


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

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Answer: There is no requirement, after registering for the world, immediately he will welcome us with the first tutorial quest.

The 5 first answers and winner of a Ibenezer Grinch's chest

Winner of a Ibenezer Grinch's chest (Note: If you want parts from 2021 please wait to open them.)
Winner of Christmas package
Winner of 100 Bonds
Winner of 50 Nuggets
Congratulations to the winners, please write a ticket on which world you want to get the prize.

  • 1 x Medals bag
  • 1 x Fortune cookie
  • 1 x Choose any Mega Christmas Bagfrom 2013-2021
    • Note: If you want the Mega Christmas Bag from 2021 you have to wait until the Christmas sale starts.
  • 3 x Choose any buff from the following list:
    (you may choose more from the same type of item)
    • Plum cake
    • Candy canes
    • Christmas pudding
    • Eggnog
    • Yule log
    • Christmas butter cookies cutouts
    • Roseberry-orange Thumbprint
    • Christmas gingerbread
Disclaimer: You will receive every item separately to your inventory!
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