Advent Calendar 11. Game

Bonnie Lassie

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There should be 2 small islands, not 1, in the water to right of the fort, in the narrow channel.
The plants between the fort and the cow's head, and in front of the fort, are not there in the game.

Dr Roth

The West Team
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1. there are small people outside the fort
2. one cactus is missing on the left side of the fort, there should be 2 but there is only 1


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1. A small cactus is missing left of the wagon wheel
2. there is a small island missing at the right middle


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should be 2 cactus plants at west end of fort not 1, the rocks by the cowhead at east end of fort should not be there


1. Facing the fort entrance, the small cactus is missing on the left side of the fort near the small bridge.
2. A small rock, or small island, is missing on the east side of the awesomia island.


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An island missing from the bay next to the other
A small cactus missing from outside of the fort on the west part, next to the other cactus


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1. There's only one cactus by the wheel west of the fort.
2. There are some sort of crops growing east and south of the fort.


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wooden fence near WT and front of gate won't exist in Game
also a small island disappear in this pic (righ side of cow skull ) there is only one island but in game there is two island


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missing a cactus near the bottom left of Awesomia
missing a bit of land on the right side, next to the little bit of land in the water


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i uploaded a photo
there is one little cactus missing and there are little humans added around the fort or whatever those are


There is a cactus missing next to the left of the fort and there is an island missing in the water at the right.