Advent Calendar 11. Game

Chris Twoshots

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a) one of the cactus plants SW of the fort is missing.
b) there aresoldiers on the E and SE of the fort

Chris Twoshots
Dakota world


South west corner. there is some thing added just where the road turns.
Following that same road towards the fort just across the bridge but before the wheel on the ground there's a cactus missing to the nw of the one cactus that is there.


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1. Little island is missing, right from another little island below the clouds.2. There are some things ( maybe bush, maybe cactus...its hard to say...they are small) around the fort, that shouldn't be there.


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there's one cactus missing near the cart wheel.
i don't know if it's rows of troops or maybe a field of crops near the fort, but they're not supposed to be there.


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The 2 visual bugs are:

outside the fort and near the ox head there is what looks like lines of some sort(?) which doesn't exist ingame.


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#1 - Cactus near wagon wheel on west side of fort is missing
#2 - Attacking troops to the south and southeast have been added.
#3 -

Colin Morrigen

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1) There is a cactus missing just to the SW of the fort (to the left of the wheel)
2) There is a (horizontal) small island missing to the NE of the large island
[= the large island that holds the fort] (to the right of the other small island)


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One of the cacti is missing on the SW side of the fort.
The smaller island of the pair by the east end of the cloud is missing.


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Should be 2 cactuses in front of the short bridge instead of just one, and no brown grass/sticks or wtv they are in front of the entrance and at the animal skull