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Howdy y'all, we're upgrading worlds 2 thru 10 with Expanded Premium, which will NOT include Skill Buying and Energy Refill. All other popular Premium features will be added, while World 1 will remain Classic Premium.
I play World 2 and is the only .net server that I play and today I've seen this.

This is not right! There wasn't any poll and not all the players will agree with it.

The only thing that I don't like from what is wanted to be added is one hour job! We play this game because we can do something else when the character has jobs in queue.

(I post here, hoping that everyone will see it and hoping the update will not come).


I play World 1 and is the only .net server that I play and today I've seen this.

This is not right! There wasn't any poll and not all the players will agree with it.:p:p:p


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I agree

I am also totally against the 1 hour job idea. Others, including Elymr would surely endorse our point of view about this - this game will become a place where only the very active can excel in

Even through there is no energy refill or skill point buying, the scales will have tilted dramatically and this game can only be mastered by people who have cash and time, not by those who have skill. I am a top 15 player in W2 and i haven't brought a single gold nugget, still i managed to stay so high in the rankings - mostly due to the 2 hour job concept, which guys like me and Noobmic have grown to like. Due to exams, i can barely login as often as i used to and this new system will just spoil everything

The shaman appease is indeed acceptable, but the rest of it is bad - why bring this in the older worlds and infere with more settled players style of gameplay? - they are better confined to newer worlds


thanks Hell for holding off for so long, its a shame you are leaving us, good luck to ya, i hope u get back to us after your journey :D
so long man, be good.

as for this new premium, yes indeed i think its out of order.

who will now sign up to "half-premium" w10 now?

anyone who wants premium will go to w11 to w14
anyone who doesnt will go to w1

all the other worlds seem doomed.

Good Feather

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Guess we cant make anyone happy today.

Im very thrilled about this turn of events. And to even hear the developers listened to the fans and are not allowing skill buying points and energy still leaves a challenge to the world.

1 hour jobs will keep new users interested in the game. Currently when a brand new user starts they lose interest after they learn it takes 2 hours to do a job.. when the new system goes into effect (doent appear to have happened yet) it will allow for shorter times and keep newer players interested in the game.

Im happy about this turn of events and I checked it isn't even April 1st yet.

Cro Sharpshooter

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Just a notice guys, don't start with the flaming. It won't help you, not everybody's wishes can be satisfied. Devs wanted to implement full premium on all worlds, be happy that didn't happened. ;)


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have they said anything about 1 hour jobs all that has been said its just a premium upgrade?????


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haha, Good Feather, you must understand that brand new players will only start playing in the oldest and newest worlds - namely W1 and W14, the ones in between get ignored - why else do you think W2 has way less players than W1??? - the best place to have this new feature will be in W1, not W2-10, where the old players play, we barely see any player number increase, except when the Game Mastered world project comes

That's why we all are so outraged, W1 where all the new dudes go to gets spared, while all the rest of the dying worlds (W2-10) get this new system. In this "in-between" worlds only older players who have been around from the very begging play. Putting this system in will just make many of these old dudes quit and lead to more loss of revenue for inno


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ah i see i thought that only applied to worlds 11-14 i thought 2-10 where just a premium upgrade so if its 1 hour jobs that use the same amount of energy as a 2 hour job what an ill thought out upgrade


Ah, but this is superb. And for those who said: how is it popular demand, I should remind all of you who did not want the "buy skill points with nuggets" option the moment the first announcement came out. There was a long thread where people posted what they liked and didn't like and the most hated feature was to buy skill points. Well, is not coming.
Also, as I did back then, I will say the same now: 1h jobs means more productivity. I see nothing wrong with it. Now with the possibility to sleep in the alliance's forts, it will speed up older worlds. Without even using any kind of premium, one can schedule 2h of work and sleep. Once you can return to the game, you have the work done and some energy recovered. Not to mention, you are available to be dueled less time than before. So while with the old system you wait 4h for the same result and no sleep, now in the same 4h you get the same thing plus 2h of sleep. What is wrong with that? In the same daytime, you can do more jobs than before. And not to mention the placate shaman options which will save us in-game money big time.
I say is a battle won. Is a battle won by the users against the developers. The devs listened to all of you saying "we don't want the option to buy SP and AP with nuggets on all worlds, separate them". And they did. And now we complain again? Really? Wow!!!


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wow complaints from paying players who would of thought it gosh. more time spent sleeping yeah great i bet this is a way of getting us to want the new full premium


i like this announce much :D
also 1 hour job will be OK :)
tanx much hellstorm :)

Victor Kruger

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OK its here ..... there was always going to be a rollout of some kind on the rest of the worlds just a matter of time...

Look at it like this .... its a good compromise considering...

NO Point buying

NO energy refill

They are the two main things that have been grossly unfair and im relieved its not coming to older worlds..

1hr jobs are a pain for those wishing to take it easy ... but...... all you have to do is go sleep like before.. youll lvl at the same rate anyway and have full energy all the time ...

The benefit of 1hr jobs is obvious and it should attract players to older worlds from the new ones who do not want to be on point buying worlds...

All in all i dont think we could have asked for a better compromise ... try to remember inno are in it for profit not fun as we are ... and......... it could have been a heck of a lot worse..

So i know ive always been vocal about what is bad in the game... id have been content with things as they were but it was always going to happen in some form... This is the best we could have hoped for ...

One thing I will say is we probably have the mods to thank for their input on this as well as the previous threads etc and if its a parting gift from Hells in what hes managed to get in a deal along with the Moderating team then you have my thanks. :up:
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one question :
when this will release ? today ? tomorrow ? or when ?
i am very excited :D


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For me I'm a premium player (except one year when I was at level 99) I bought nuggets all the time to have all premium features (and I will continue to buy because I'm also a developer and our work must be payed).

Now regarding the new 1 hour job, why I don't like it and there are others that don't like it because we also have other things to do, meaning now I can stay away from the computer for 12 hours or more.

Now to make some calculation, based on what I already tested and noted. For a character that is sleeping in barracks from a big fort it takes maximum 4hours to refill energy (using full premium and sleepyhad set).
If it will happen that I will have 48 energy remaining this means that in 6 hours I need to be in game (a must to don't lose energy).
If some of you have a job you know that it takes 8h of work, maybe you have 1h lunch time and 30 minutes to go to work and 30 minutes to go back at home. So it means 10 hours when you cannot access the game. Here is my problem with the 1 hour job.
If at least the game was working on mobile phones then I couldn't complain, but it is a pain to try to play the game using smart-Phones (when you click on something and the game triggers the click on a job that is behind your actual window ...)


Aye Victor, although there was a lot of input from our moderating staff and upper management, it was ultimately my decision to go this route, a means to ensure all the worlds didn't get the full premium setting, and a means to keep the heat off Diggo11 when he takes over. So now you have World 1 as the Classic Premium (and it will likely stay that way), with worlds 2 thru 10 having all the Premium features that most everyone liked, then you have worlds 11 thru 14 that have all the Premium features, liked and disliked. Indeed, this was a compromise, the alternative being that all worlds would end up with Complete Premium.

Harsha, you're wrong about the numbers, and about where new players will be heading. I'm not sure if you bothered to look at the world numbers, but worlds 2 thru 10 are struggling. (click here) World 1 has been a success, as the original world, that's why we made a concerted effort to ensure it remained Classic. Worlds 11, 12, Arizona and Briscoe have amply demonstrated themselves to be successes. Just look at the numbers as proof. Harsha, I guarantee you that worlds 2 and 10 will increase their players numbers now. It won't happen overnight, of course, but it will happen. And with that increase in players, there will be more fun, more interaction, for all those who have held on to their characters those worlds.

Deadleg, you may not like premium, you may not understand that 1 hour jobs = 2 hour jobs in half the time, well a lot of people do like it. As I indicated in my announcement, we were able to work with the developers to accommodate the community's greater wish, which was to have the Premium features, sans the two most hated Premiums, Skill Buying and Energy Refill.

Noobmic, if you have premium, as you indicate, you can have 8 tasks. Schedule 7 jobs and one sleep, that's 15 hours right there. C'mon, seriously. If you're not going for that particular premium, you have 3 jobs (one more than before). So you can schedule two jobs and an 8 hour sleep. Seriously, what are you complaining about? How about one job and two 8 hours sleeps? How about three 8 hours sleeps? Each hour in the Expanded/Full Premium package is equal to two hours in the Classic Premium, so you're getting more for less time, and you can still schedule your sleep if you're worried about being dueled. Seriously, if look at a glass as half-empty, you're never going to realize there's still something in that glass to drink.

This action was for the community's benefit. The implementation of Complete Premium on Worlds 11 & 12 allows Innogames to increase their profits substantially, which in turn allowed them to increase the time allocated for developer work. It's these types of decisions that have allowed so many of the upgrades, have allowed all these nice new game features (Sheriff, Marketplace, etc). Without the profits, Innogames can't improve on the game. We knew this, and through examination of the long-term, We acted for the benefit of the community. You want this game to improve, to implement the ideas this community has put forward, Innogames need the profits that will allow them to do just that.

Look, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't sit there and complain about each and every change that happens to the game, and then when you finally realize it's something you want, you go quiet. This whole drama scene is unnecessary, it's unfortunate, and it's short-sighted. There are great things happening with this game, and it's because of Premium services that they happen. So stop it. Stop complaining every time Premium features are added to the game. This game has improved substantially since its release, and it didn't get here because people play for free.
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