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So how exactly does that affect you? You are getting exactly the same work productivity in, spending the exact same amount of time outside hotel protection and (should you wish) logging in no more or less frequently than before. In fact, as the sleep would only be completed faster on a "non busy" day, you could use those days to get additional work slots in. Bonus ;)
"In fact, as the sleep would only be completed faster on a "non busy" day, you could use those days to get additional work slots in."

Just where would the energy for those additional work slots come from? I schedule them the night before with close to full energy as it is; and if I were able to dispense with sleep in favor of more work slots, that just adds 8 or more hours of no protection from duelers, with even more work pay to lose.

It doesn't matter, at any rate - what's done is done.


I still don't understand, though, how it makes the game better to use up all your energy in half the time it used to take?
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Deadeye Claire

I have about reached the end of my interest in this game. I am a level 80 and have not had a new quest in weeks. The last active quest I have has been sitting there for months and I am still 80 points away from being able to do it. I am very disappointed that the only place I can find the products and items I need is at the market place where other players set ridiculously high prices on the items--sometimes 300% of the normal cost--just because they can. No longer can I find anything I need to buy at the inventory vendor--all he carries lately is low priced items and the same for the totally built out general store and tailor in my town. My co-founder and I have spent many hours and much money to complete the buildings in our town and for what?

I think the developers have missed great opportunities to make this game more challenging and fun and to entice players to stay with it. Some things I think would really improve the game are:

* Longer quest story lines
* More quests--especially for the advanced players
* There should be a way for town founders to switch out the stock in their stores rather than just being held hostage to the market place
* Would be fun if you could select different building fronts so each town looked different
* Money paid by visitors to stay in the town should be put in the town treasury
* Have the ability to ban people from your town if they have abused the privilege of staying there or shopping there
* There should be some kind of penalty for duelers who attack workers with no weapon and who have a dueling level less than five points above their player level. There is no honor in bushwacking and slaughtering just because you can. In the real Old West, duelers challenged other duelers in a town to build their reputation. Shooting shopkeepers and workers in a town while they are going about their business and not armed is cowardly and I know there are those who don't think so. Most of them in my experience have been duelers who have built their reputations preying on those who are not armed.

It makes me sad to leave this game as it was so much fun in the beginning. Good luck to those who march on.

When you are months without being able to get close to completing a quest and there is nothing else to do but wander around picking up jobs and banking money, it gets boring fast.

I like being able to set up jobs by the hour and then come back later and either set up more jobs or go to sleep, but it should be my choice. Everyone doesn't have all day to work the game.

Bad Billy Jack

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Deadeye Claire, it sounds like you are a peaceful player & many of your complaints are being addressed in future updates (I think). New town structure & high level questlines. All those new jobs & nothing to do with them is the hint!

As the game is now, pretty much questing is for low levels & fort fighting is for higher levels.

May I suggest that if you are bored for now, you put this account on slow-play & restart in another world? You will then have your quests back!


The idea of two hours is based off the old 4 hour work blocks, ie the same time interval used before the change. If you don't like 2 hour sleeps then heck just make it 3, it makes absolutely no difference as you merely gain slightly more energy to consume later. Far more flexible than the old system, where you would waste time sitting idle after four hours ;)
...yeah, the hotel doesn't have a 3-hr option either.

I think you have really missed the point here. Ah well, time for more calculations:

Login 1: 100 Energy
-- Job 1: 76 Energy
-- Job 2: 52 Energy
-- Job 3: 28 Energy
-- Job 4: 4 Energy
-- Sleep (7hr)
-- *eleven hours*
1) the hotel doesn't have a 3 hr option either.

2) 11-hrs (12, really), only four of which involve working. The Player Character is spending twice as much time sleeping than working. How is that supposed to be a good thing?

God help the people who don't have access to a Level 5 Hotel...


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I guess I was wrong. I set up two 1-hour jobs before I left for work today and then 8 hours of sleep.
I got home 11 hours later to two completed jobs and this ...

Level 96
Dueling level 159

Level 94
Dueling level 121
Challenger Strike: Left arm
- 210 HP

Strike: Left shoulder
- 150 HP Strike: Left arm
- 248 HP

No hit Strike: Right shoulder
- 299 HP

No hit No hit

Strike: Right shoulder
- 146 HP Strike: Left arm
- 236 HP

No hit Strike: Left arm
- 190 HP

No hit No hit

No hit No hit

No hit Total health points
- 1183 HP

Total health points
- 296 HP leopard04 wins the duel, gains 480 experience points and steals $349 from Disappoint.

... after I woke up from those 8 hours of sleep. 90 minutes before I got home from work.
So, yeah - still having a boatload of fun. Thanks for the joyride!