Which one's the lie?


My turn:

I own a strange plastic thingy with spikes sticking out of it that I'm not sure what exactly it does

I've just finished a diorama of a destroyed Tiger tank in Normandy

I've started playing Tribal Wars again

3rd one.:rolleyes:


I am not a man.
I do not play more than 3 worlds in the West.
I live in USA.

This one is really hard!


1. :)

And as for my lie, you're all wrong, it is number 2, the diorama is of a disabled Tiger tank in Tunisia, and as for Tribalwars, yes, I admit to my guilt, I got bored one moring int he summer and went back.


nopeeeeee, looooool i told u guys this one is damn hard. i do not live in USA, I live in Europe, and by I am not a man, I mean that i am not a man with wife and work and child. loool


my turn
1. I used to be adicted to Counter Strike
2. I think godslayer is still technically a man
3. When I am at my happiest moments, rainbow comes out of my *beep*


3 ahhahahahahhahhahahhahhaahhahahahahha about the first one, i am still adicted to it, i play everyday :p


My turn

1.I hate derek

2.I don't like to be a noob

3.I play 5 worlds and plan on playing more worlds


Well looking at the worlds you have selected it has to be number 3.


correct its 1 i don't really hate him i just don't know him and only will judge him on his actions nice 1 slayer:D.


I'll take another gander.

1. I own a BMW
2. I recently changed my car's transmission from an automatic to a manual
3. I run my own auto garage


I have no idea which it is, so I'll roll a D6...*rolls* 5, which means, I opt for no.3.


The cake is a lie! So I would say both your first and second statements are true in their own way. :unsure: