Which one's the lie?


Well this is going slowly, I'll Get the ball rolling again as this looks cool

1. There is a death metal version to Call me Maybe
2. This is being posted from a Mac
3. I no longer play The West.


You're both right.

1. I am an atheist
2. I am not going back to The West any time in the foreseeable future.
3. I have recently had a haircut.


Futu was right! However I'm an agnostic, not smurf. That was just to contend with The church of the Onion.
Next 3

1. I own a pet called "Bobo"
2. I am subscribed to Ray William Johnson and =3 on Youtube.
3. I think that the amount of worlds that Futu plays on is ever so slightly excessive.
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Definitely not three :p

Probably the first one, although I hate =3 and Ray William Johnson.


Sorry 'bout that. I thought I had replied. Futu was right! I do not own a pet called "Bobo". however about =3 I just can't be bothered to unsubscribe.

Right then Futu. Come up with you own lies now.


Here's one

Innogames actually cares about the people playing this game
Innogames takes into account player's ideas and implements it into the game
Innogames cares more about making the game better than a bunch load of nuggets.


My turn:

I own a strange plastic thingy with spikes sticking out of it that I'm not sure what exactly it does

I've just finished a diorama of a destroyed Tiger tank in Normandy

I've started playing Tribal Wars again