What would you like - a migrate poll

Where would you like to migrate to

  • The worlds we have now is fine

    Votes: 13 46.4%
  • I would like world: Houston, Idaho or Juárez

    Votes: 18 64.3%

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Try Colorado we got very active battles that routinely fill medium forts and completely fill mod dug Awesomia battles when they actually allow all classes to participate. ;)


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Mostly the most active server is where Fort Battles are active..
Because many things revolve around them.

Newest server's illusion might misguide you though.
Only lasts a year at best.


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You missed those days when duelers were camping your town for days and weeks until someone managed to KO them. My friend HelenBack here was known for her very particular way to show "love" to builders when worlds were young. Everybody in my towns HATED her with passion :annoyed::roll::'P, and don't make me talk about Kidd Kalypso (to be fair, he mostly is a dueler of duelers). Don't expect that aspect of the game change anytime soon or at all.

Hey! I dueled everyone... Whole towns! Whole alliances! lol :'P

I still have on my profile:
" We choose not to discriminate against certain character classes. We are equal opportunity duelers."

Sigh... Those were the days... :cooln:

Still don't wanna leave W1 btw... :boone:


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I'm still on all available worlds, so drop me a line to get an invite to my town when you arrive. :up: Oh ya, Dakota, I'm RumpIeTeazer. I tried to be anon there, but wound up Huggling friends as I saw them... Then saw my name there and said "Oops, um you do know me." They kinda figured me out. lol :'P