United Brotherhood seeking active towns


Fede and United Brotherhood seeking active members

Fede-UB- is a fairly new town founded 09-09-09 and is looking for new members, We would like to get more Soldiers or duelers. We currently have other towns that are in our family that could use Builders also.

The United Brotherhood is a new family that is seeking towns with 10 or more active members in them to join the family.

We all work together towards the same goals. We only have 12 towns at this point so it would be a great time to join. We haven't formed our council yet but it will be a council that is voted in by the leaders of our towns.

We have a headquarters that has been around for a while. If you want to join you must be willing to have the two highest ranking members of your town join the forum.

Contact jdeazy5037200 in game for more information.
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Hahaha, I guess the push for more towns will continue to go up seeing that yet another failed fort attack shows the lack of interest from current town members.
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*BUMP* My town is still looking for some players that know what they are doing! We want people who are self sufficient.


jdeazy5037200, I am on my way to boot camp_ub_5, I am a solider class, and at this time no I do not have the funds for the weapon you asked about, but will work hard to get it by the end of the week.



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