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Hi all,

I made a script to help finish the collections, and a few other little things:

Tips and reporting missing items collections , list of collection needed items, filters in market, Buttons Recipes/Duplicates/Useables/Sets in inventory, Bank fees on mouseover,Various shortcuts, All reports deletion etc ...

Script in EN and FR,

Others translations are listed at the script page (install the script before)

I hope it can help somebody :)
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When I posted this topic, it has been validated by a mod, so I think they have allowed the script.

For information, this script is used since some times in FR worlds (see French TW forum), and used in others countries too (see the translations).

But effectively if the mods must officialy validate, there's no problem for me :)


That's why I didn't bother getting Da Twista's approval, it looked cosmetic.


And it doesn't add prohibited functions like gold job or others, no access to externals sites other than Userscript for update. It adds some tips and icons for helping, some checkbox and shorcuts... That's all, folks ;)


Really I insist, that's French but doesn't contains any terrible chemical weapons like Mimolette , foie gras or Camembert :D

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Definitely a helpful tool. Some shortcuts added as well and a quick access log out button. Thank you Duncol and nice job!


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Really I insist, that's French but doesn't contains any terrible chemical weapons like Mimolette , foie gras or Camembert :D
It only contains only a few drops of rare French wines :)

Thanks . Great job ;)
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Oh my, finally a script that has a nice filter on the market to view only missing items.

Very nice work this!

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Thanks friends;)

If you have any other simple ideas like that, send me a PM, I can add others...
Well since you are offering. I do have something that would be helpful and I don't think would be too difficult to implement since you have the 'show missing items only' option already.

A lot of the time I use the market search option to find items, I usually buy in bulk when it comes to products so I use the sorting options most of the time.

The 'show missing items' option does not work in this screen, it only works by clicking on the side bars for each category. Would be nice to have it filter in the buy window as well when the game filters are applied. These filters being sort by highest price (Auction or immediate) and then number of products etc...