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You're redirected to the logout page for a purpose there I believe, it's the page where Inno advertises other games. I'm sure they wanna keep it this way, although I understand it would be easier for you to log into worlds, but nothing can't be done about it really.

Btw, script doesn't log you out. Script just gives you a shortcut to the logout option.


I'm sure a couple of month ago it did exactly that, redirected me directly to the login. Only the last month I noticed that it was not the case anymore.


Try a few years ago. The login world list used to be located on the logout page as well. Why it was changed I'm not sure unless they just wanted more hits on the home page, but since then I've stopped using the logout button altogether. With autofill it's easier to just re-enter the URL in the address bar.


Was this the script that added the rolling menu for all the item sets in the game? If so, is there a new link somewhere to it, because the old link seems to be dead, and I'd love to have it - even if it's slightly outdated with the newest sets. Or if there's a new script that does this?

Thanks in advance :)

Tom Robert

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Was this the script that added the rolling menu for all the item sets in the game?

Yes, just look in the inventory and click on the little white t-shirt up on the edge. Also you can only display the set items, which you don't have at the moment.

It's always up-to-date because it takes the actual data from the game.

Quick items search
The horse, weapon and normal sets are all in one set.
Item Set Manager
Shows all items of the set even if you don't have them.
Shows the set bonuses of every set.


could you make it so that script does not show items as "missing" If I have their updated version. also would be nice if there was a switch in collectors list to hide items that I touched but no longer have in the inventory.


So, a bit of an odd question but I'm trying to figure out why my TW Collections script doesn't seem to have been working as it once did (ages ago). I do not get the side menu option with all the shortcut links including "Collector's Items Needed" It's enabled in the settings and everything else works properly including the Inventory and Market portions, I just cannot access the Lists themselves for whatever reason. I'm hoping its something simple, because even with Ad Blockers disabled, same issue.

An example of what I am missing is on the GreaseMonkey page itself:




So I may have found a temporary solution digging through the Script, and using Firefox's Web Console (CTRL+SHIFT+K) to run;

Still doesn't explain why the menu is missing entirely but at least its a temporary fix in meantime in case anyone else needs.


That seems to work. Strange that the Update Script link claimed I was at the most up-to-date version, but maybe because author changed to yourself.