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Think Quick!


The Poll is closed. As Anny said.. 174 voters. 131 Yes! More than 75,2%... The proposal wont goes through goes was need 80%.. but so great attendance, that voted Yes.. cant remember since when happened last time.
One thing is sure that we have to think if 24,71% can decide about what proposal deserve or not to be voted. I feel uncomfortable that 75,29% voted yes and their option its hard to be pass.


well everyone calls me stalker because I play on ever world expect W1 and Briscoe. Ask KalleKelvon.


I want more prices, I will not going to lie and he said that if stay on here we might get more. :D I don't know. I am ko in all of my fort fights so I am no bored. :p


Da Twista is sleeping now.. and i am drinking my 7 coffee in a row to stay asleep and get a chest. Not fair :D


LOL, what does those chests contain any ways?, but if legend is here it means it might be a howdah or inno belt, hope he gets one of these or why not a rusty club with a nail LOL :p


we all do lol and im not picky ill take a junk chest or even a bison/reporter jacket