The West 2013 or "Quo vadis, Inogames?"


in any case, if we assume you're right (and I REALLY REALLY hope you are), why in the world don't I see any advertisements for The West? FFS I've seen the commercial for Grepolis on TV in this godforsaken east european country, and I've seen millions of banners for all kinds of browser games all over the net, but I don't see anything regarding The West.

Yep, you're right. There used to be ads everywhere for The West, I found out about it through one of those ad banners like what you see for other browser games now. That was in March 2009, before forts but the game was still stronger player-wise than it is now. The devs promised a new ad campaign with 2.0, hopefully it's still coming.


I too found out about the game from an add in 2010 I think it was. Fort fighting is the best aspect of the game that is all-round accepted by all players. IMO this should be exploited. It's a Multilayer game but only fort fighting is truly multiplayer in it. Dueling people can be replaced with NPC's, you'll surely achieve the same thing dueling a player or something generated that is moving around the map, atacks you and changes itself from time to time. Construction, questing, working, collecting, crafting and all that is NOT a multiplayer event. You can colaborate with others to achieve the same thing faster, but everything can be done alone. WHile fort fighting needs tactic, playerbase, ingenuity, luck, good movement, colaboration, trust, respect, wit, spying, sacrifice, scheaming and many more such human qualities. Only thing that matters for me in the end. I would long quit this game would it not be for battles.


I think it is premature to make conclusions on such a big update after only a few weeks.

three months are hardly "a few weeks"...

oh and btw: plan for 2013? I've read the west times...they only want to screw up the last good thing - skills

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Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that paper before. Looks like it's all going to change even more then. And they're planning to rely on viral marketing not advertising?


That link google translated:

The new year begins, and with it the countless resolutions that you make yourself. InnoGames has also for
the year in 2013 and revealed exclusively for the TWTimes explosive information.
A major point of the Roadmap 2013 will be a new balancing and skill system. Even in the old year
did the game designers to develop InnoGames started new concepts and test. The current
Skill system is criticized by many players and also for most beginners too complex. Also
the operating-system problem is very confusing and not transparent. As the game
come on all these basic systems, moreover, the character classes and Craftingberufe - those are
Factors have a significant influence on the game. But as a newcomer, especially one has little
Chance to see through all this to get skillen useful or to make the right decisions.
The community manager Joony proclaims: "Our aim is to provide a simpler, cleaner and
to build comprehensible system, without loss of variation and depth of the game. " It is contemplated that the
Work should be independent of the skill points and you only attribute points needed to get a work
can make. Operating points are then eliminated in general. The other considerations are that the
Skills, in future, only a "passive" bonus and more like a skill tree are constructed. When the
Skill system is fundamentally altered, are also objects, Fort battles, crafting, quests and achievements
Exact details are currently not yet clear, the plans are currently under development. "A
is a general rebalancing of the game, I think, "not wrong to Joony expressed with regard to the TWTimes.
Until there are changes in the current version, but it will take several months.
Recently, InnoGames has a center of community managers and teams of all markets
sought worldwide. Many of these improvements will be implemented in the next versions.
Another point of the roadmap is to improve the tutorial and the start-up phase. Although version
2.0 very much at the start-up phase and improves the tutorial has been redesigned, is the bounce rate of new
Players are still quite high. To counter this problem, InnoGames is performing analyzes
collect ideas and plans to implement them in a timely manner.
In addition to the viral marketing to be strengthened *. There are friends commercials especially
Character banners and the like can be improved in order to market them attractive.
If the roadmap still has capacity for this year, will also be strengthened further fights. The
Fort battles are "a unique feature and one of our coolest features" manifests itself InnoGames.
The plan here is to take the system in its current form, as to simplify and multiplayer instances
(Also PVE) in the game in addition to integrate. The normal progression fights will also be expanded, improved
and are rebalanced.
The TWTimes InnoGames thanks for this very detailed information on the expected
appearing in spring roadmap 2013th
* Viral marketing is in social networks and media with unusual or cryptic
News attention to a particular product to make


So, if I understood correctly, they are planning to make a whole new skill system, that doesn't have an effect on jobs, fort battles and duels and only works as a "passive bonus" (whatever that means).

... oh boy, this is a big one.


So, if I understood correctly, they are planning to make a whole new skill system, that doesn't have an effect on jobs, fort battles and duels and only works as a "passive bonus" (whatever that means).

If it doesn't affect jobs, duels. or fort battles it has no effect on the game. What's left, crafting, travel, and regen? I haven't read anything at all myself, but I would guess it means it doesn't affect the current mechanics, but it's in addition to them maybe? Like the talk of adding custom advantages instead of the current class advantages.


Maybe skills will be replaced with something like "perks", where you get to choose a new small bonus each level up. But I don't know how they'll come up with 120 perks, so I'm not sure what'll happen.


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PPF... You have a very legitimate reason to be concerned... But... Whatever Inno decides to do... I'm sure they plan to "gain a lot of new players without alienating the old players".... You know... Like they did when they implemented v2.

Some peeps asked me why I haven't posted in here for a while... It's cuz I'm at the point where I'm losing interest in what used to be a fun game... Pre-v2. There were a few changes before v2 that I didn't particularly like... but the job times/chat/job times/job drops/job times/job damage/job times/fort requirements/job times/craft requirements/job times really... sux. It changed the way the game is played at the core.

The short job times to gather needed materials for crafts/forts/quests is the main thing I have issues with... The new job system does NOT fit my REAL LIFE needs. WHY can we not have a CHOICE in job times like we used to??? I just cycle through my worlds but I don't really play them anymore. Only world I'm really active in is Arizona... Cuz the chat there is still fairly active. Many other worlds are dying too quick... Peeps either gone on vacation... gone red... or just gone. Many more are holding on in hopes that Inno will begin listening to all the feedback that has been given... Some have given up on that already. If it wasn't for the people that I've gotten to know while playing this game, I would have left right after v2 hit.

Even the older worlds that will be deleted... I haven't had the time to sort them out. I just don't have the time to deal with them.
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Maybe those perks can make my horse into a pegasus ... or I can put all 120 perks on a single job that will drive the product drop to +560% :) I'm sure it's going to be fun and very strange to get used to it and equally out of our control


I was looking for a game to play that just works.
This game has some amazing uptime compared to browser games of facebook.
I am not going to name the game I played on facebook, but it was so frustrating that it never worked and things were so illogical.
(there was a max amount of quests you could have and one time you could choose to accept a quest and the other time "the game" chooses for you. So my quest list would be full and could not do anything I wanted to do.)
They went down during the holidays! And it got fixed only 7 days later, thats when I started looking for a new game.

I am happy I found this game (started just before the end of 2012) there are some things that could be better explained when you start playing.

I therefor hope that more people find this game because you can play it relaxed or when you have time you can play with action.

Nuggets, why not. I like this game, I am used to pay for my games either a monthly fee or a purchase price. When I am happy I think they deserve some of my money for the entertainment.
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"The bounce rate of new players is still quite high" duh. Maybe eliminating the tutorial & screwing up the flow of the initial quests, which used to actually lead you into the game, wasn't the brightest idea. And who exactly are the talking to? Assigning skill points is pretty much the basis for any RPG-

Stop trying to make the game easier, appeal to the lowest common denominator. Build a solid game,effectively explain/tutorial it, advertise it properly.


The problem for most of the new players is that, after the tutorial is complete, they get stuck on level 8 without anything to do, since they need to buy nuggets to change skills so they can go after the last quests that are open.

There is a mistake from the team, that looks like they never played the game... making the beginner adventure to open after the shaman adventure, killed the use of the rookie set. When people get the set at level 18-20, they already have other clothes that can make more than the set.
The beginner should open right after the tutorial is complete... that happened until the 2.0 arrived.
I understand the they thought "if people cannot get the job open, they will buy nuggets and buy the product or buy more skills"... but that can´t work... only the "raise fast players" will buy nuggets right on the first week of play. The others will only do that some weeks or months later. When they know how to play the game better.
When a new world opens, 100% of the players that register on the first week, are players from other worlds. Yeah those use nuggets since they want to be the first on something... but they will stop playing on the other worlds. And nobody new will appear...

emperor wes

Did not repeat everything, but Helenback's entire post is exactly how I feel. I've been on a 3 month vacation break from the game, and came back to see if much has changed. I liked pre-V2, if I wanted to play a game with short jobs requiring constant attention, I would have stuck with Tribal Wars or something. I'm done now, even though I still have almost a 1000 nuggets left (can one transfer nuggets to other players?)

What is sad, is that I see so many other long-time players leaving. Maybe it has been going on too long, but this is not the game that attracted me in the beginning any more.

Good luck, and thanks for all the fish.



Well, they definitely need to fix the new version 2.0 tutorial because it is terrible. I'm not surprised that new players are still trying the game out for a short period and leaving as the tutorial does not really give any insight into the game and can leave the player stuck if they don't have a friend who is already playing the game to help them along.

The previous "Heading into a new Adventure" quest line was superior. It gave a sense of accomplishment as you were building the Greenhorn Set and explained the game much better. Also, on completing this tutorial you had lots of options due to the job and skill bonuses of the Greenhorn Set.

One big improvement I see is that they are going to return the speed bonus for new players to the greenhorn class for the first 10 levels. I think this will be a big help over the 2.0 timed speed bonus ( I think it was only like 5 hours ). I could easily see where someone would come home from school, create a account and play for an hour, have to eat dinner and do homework, and come back to find their speed bonus almost gone.

I'll reserve judgement on the job changes described by Da Twista, as I don't really understand exactly what he is describing. I'm going to try and push to get my quests done under the current system as I like the challenge of working my build to have a good combination of questing / crafting / town building options and will be somewhat disappointed when jobs just unlock based on character level and not based on character build.
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Nivaz sounds as if they are trying to "idiot proof" the game possibly? :D
In my opinion what little challenge that's left is pretty much going to be gone unless I'm completely misunderstanding everything I've been reading. Can't wait for the new job system to be put in place, it should be interesting to say the least. :)


RaiderTr, my basic philosophy whenever these concerns pop into my head:

  1. Innogames C-levels do not care about this game, at all.
  2. Innogames hasn't released any video updates about The West on YouTube since Dec 1, 2017. The FaceBook page about The West offers nothing in terms of meaningful progressive content about The West. The "devs" no longer communicate publicly via the InnoGames the West Blog (
  3. The Community Manager of .net is virtually unengaged on this forum outside of posting routine notices. Unless you directly hassle the Head CM about it, she doesn't really enforce anything to make improvements.
  4. The .net mods for the most part despise the players and conduct themselves with arrogance and rudeness. They hang around to flaunt their advantages in-game.
In other words, enjoy the game in the best way you can until they finally take the thing out behind the shed and shoot it, which I'd wager won't be too far off in the future. Don't waste your time making post like you did here or reviving old threads that tried to address the many issues with this game. Players have no voice here, on the Beta forum or anywhere else that has any influence on how this game might improve or potentially change (see item #1 above).