The Person Below me


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Of course. At least, I think that I'm composed of flesh and blood...

The person below me...plays on three worlds.


Well this thread started 5 years ago and I started in 2014 so no :D

TPBM wishes they were in a warm place/country.


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Uch no... I'd choose Lapland over the Canary Islands any day.

The person below me lives in a different country now to the one in which they were born.


Well, I actually haven't tried them yet, so I can't really hate them I suppose :unsure:

TPBM already lives in the year 2015


true, I enjoy a much cooler climate than most.

the person below me is very optimistic of the year ahead


Not really. I may have one plan, but that's not plans.

TPBM was/is sad that they had/do have to go to work yesterday/earlier today/later today.


Nope, that's one of the advantages of still being in school.

TPBM wishes they were young again.