The Person Below me

John Rose

This game is very simple, I make a statement about the next posterr, and you either answer true, or false, then make another statemtn wich the next poster answers.

IE: The person below me likes coke

Here goes:

The person below me likes rock.


Not really... Formula 1 and handball is my passion. And ski jumps.

The person below me likes its country folk music.

John Rose

True and false. IT all depdnds what I want to do

The person below me likes whisky.


True. But I prefer stout, like Guinness.

The person below me speaks two or more languages.


False. Unless you count Iceland.

The person below me is fairly happy with their life.


True. There are minor bumps... but overall... its pretty much ok.

The person below me has an MSN account.


Kind of true. I haven't been on for years, and I forgot the password.

The person below me likes lots of different music.

Playa Roamer

Oh yes

The person below me used to or still does sit at the front of the class.
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John Rose

Kinda true, I've started sitting at the front now that I'm attending the university.
Before that, it's mostly been back row lol.

The person below me loves tacos.

Playa Roamer

I don't loves them but I do likes them. I only really eat them when I'm in the US and I've yet to visit Taco Bell!

The person below me usually calls truth rather than dare.


False. The less personal information people know about me the better.

The person below me likes A&W Root-beer.


True, though I just like root beer in general, I could care less about the brand.

The person below me lives near a source of water (ocean, lake, river, etc.)

Playa Roamer

I live about ten metres (30 feet) from a small lake and it's lovely except for the breeding bug swarms a few days in the summer.

The person below me drinks tea rather than coffee.

the Masked Mole man

False... how is a person to survive without coffee?

The person below me has a small gnome hanging on his back just out of reach and sight... I suggest he runs outside and asks someone to take it off quick!

David Schofield

The person above me is wrong!

The person below me is a commie pig. (I was expecting John Rose to post... but Ok... Communism is for a perfect world, there is no such thing as perfect, therefore Communism is impossable in a regular world... Wordplay is fun...)
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False. I am not a pig, but I think in a perfect world communism has potential.

The person below is a people person.