Syntex apology


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Syntex, sorry that I was being mean
I'm just a polish version of mr. Bean
I didn't know your skin is so thin
And didn't realize on making you furious i was keen
Since last time I improved a lot
Just like vitamin's crafting bot
Now I know you're like a real CM hot
And the hate i erased from my brain thought


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Date of violation:Today at 2:16 pm
Type of content in question:Message posted on chat
Given penalty points:6 Points

well that didnt last long


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@Syntex wrote:

probably that also a reason for existing events managers with no events (check beta forum to see diference)
and o lot of in game suporters that no one see them (except iulian who is present here on forum)
We are sorry for the less amount of events than you were used to, the explanation is that some of our event managers didn't have that much time to focus on planning event and therefore have left, and new have just recently joined. We will continue with more contest and events from next week, so stay tuned!

so i belive that next week will never came