Feedback Spring Sale 2022


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In the bonus part you give bonus for 6 pieces of Eire but there are only 5 pieces available.
That would be for the full clothing set but yes, only 5 pieces of the set are available. For the 3 clothing set, players will receive a set bonus of:
+0.04 in all Attributes
+0.4 Aim, Dodge and Tactics
+0.3 Health Points
+5% Experience from jobs, duels and forts

From the animal set, players will receive from the set bonus:

12% Experience from jobs, duels and forts
15% drop chance
10% Speed
5% Luck
+0.3 Vigor, Health Points and Shooting
+ 0.6 Dodging and Aiming
+0.4 Tactics
+0.04 Charisma, Mobility and Strength


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it says the st. patrick event is over "soon"....but i don't see an exact end date anywhere....can you share the last minute for the st. patrick coin quest?


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Most of the St Patrick {golden clover] quests on my account say they end 31.03.2022 at 12:00,
only the gold coin quests seem to last until 02.04.2022 at 23:59

also the event notification for the independence founder event says it ends 31.03.2022 at 12:00


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Gold Coins are from Lucky Clover. It's a separate thing from Golden Clovers. Founders Day is a third event, concurrent to the other two. Everyone needs the Achievement: Dead Mouse (Click too many times over the two week period of three events)


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same old nugget sets... when the new nugget sets coming out?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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again....perhaps this is for AI35ul --when is the actual last minute of the lucky coin event (and you may as well say the last minute for the golden clover event too)


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The quests aren't repeatable. The pieces are un-tradable. How would you get enough of them to upgrade, even if it was possible?