Series of very easy to implement ideas to make the game better


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The most important one...change the damn experience rates for the new jobs. it's pathetic, there's no way to level up. No reason to spam, no reason to stay active.
Boost the xp rate you get for duels, jobs, fort fights. ffs even bandit duels or quests. Lower the church xp. Don't encourage building church.
The xp you gain at fort fights, you shoulda made it at least 40k max per fort...not 15k. are you even playing this game?

1. Reduce the soldier tactics bonus to facilitate duels. Don't remove it. The level requirement to equip gear bonus should be removed and replaced with something useful, like boosting the labor points needed at jobs.
Re-work advent bonus - remove hotel bonus. Replace it with something useful, like an extra regeneration bonus or whatever. Boost the drop rate from 10% non prem to 20%. Same for luck bonus.
2. Add further world rewards at events like valentines or dotd and remove unlocking quest from the rewards pool. Activate it from the start of the event. The way I imagine this to work better: add several rewards, some that are not even achievable so it is an incentive to boost activity during events. Same for personal rewards
3. Re-add all the quests that cannot be done anymore - some of those I saw happening already like the peacock one...but all of them should be unlocked again.
4. Re-add drop for all the clicky events that have been missed by players.
5. Boost the number of max friends on friend list.
6. Create a new map at fort fights for variety - it's very easy to make and it doesn't have to be overcomplicated...just give us some variety. We've been playing this game for years.
7. Duel level reducing potion should be reduced from 500 bonds to 50 bonds. Times you can use it reduced from 7 days to 48h.
8. Give us a method to get rid of all the useless buffs in our inventories - use Angus for that. Here is a list of them:
9. Make First aid kits auctionable.
10. Find a way to add experience potions in the UP shop, I don't know how, just find one. Make them exclusively for bonds (no nuggets)...for a decent price. Something like that.
11. Rework the ranking system, there are several suggestions out there, mine included on the .net forum.
12. I would like a way to be able to unlock achievements from past events when I did not play yet. It's not fair...
13. Add a way to change the crafting class. It is only fair to start from zero if you want to change it, but the possibility should exist.
14. Make some of the scripts features a thing...the most important are: the one that facilitates ranking, the one with fort stats...the one that counts hit/miss/dodge whatever...etc
15. Separate Construction log and Residents log
16. Add new buffs for forts (the ones that are in the second slot - veggie dumplings, amulet and all the other crap are not useful in any way). You can add that as new crafting levels.
18. Make ghosting a thing - show it in fort battle report.

those are a series of things that i thought about or seen other people post. those can be done literally in a matter of a month or less and would hugely improve the quality of the game.


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Personally think all classes should be re-worked which would be fairly easy but since these are quick quality of life updates then yeah those work.

Duel level reducing potion sucks, they should make duel level cosmetic and reduce the range at which you can duel people so level 200's can't duel 150s, and 150's can't duel lvl 100's unless they both agree. But here's a much better fix to duelling as a whole, increasing XP and completely changing how duelling will work making it 100x better:
Add poker to the game between players!

Gambling is bad but poker games between players would be no where near as bad as current day tombolas! (also could add a casino building with other activities like blackjack etc etc)
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What would you say to this idea:
Replace it with:
The level used to calculate your weapon’s stats is increased by 3 (6 if premium)
no, it's too big an advantage

Add poker to the game between players!

Gambling is bad but poker games between players would be no where near as bad as current day tombolas! (also could add a casino building with other activities like blackjack etc etc)
this is funny but the dotd mechanics are exactly the same model as 50/50 black or red card on slots :lol: