Separate Construction log and Residents log


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Idea title: Divide Town log and Construction reports into two separate tabs in the Town Hall.
Details of idea: I've noticed it's quite difficult to keep track of comings and goings in town during events. When everyone is constructing there's about 15-20 pages of logs created per day. Totally manageable with lots of clicking and scrolling, but the game play experience may be improved with a new tab, which functions identically to the Town Log, except it's only for construction reports which make up 99% of the Town Log but convey no meaningful information.
(Imaginary) Visual Aid: Imagine, if you will, a new tab in the Town Hall, just for the construction log.
Reasons for submitting: I like to catch when players are deleted, when people leave and need re-invited, etc, which is very difficult in very active towns.

Low budget alternate idea potentially for scripters (<3): A little checkbox in the Town Log to hide construction reports?
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Well an acknowledgment that this has been read and subsequently rejected by innogames or passed on to a dev would be pretty wizard. No fun being left in limbo.


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Any update on this @Hr.Nyborg ?

It's quite minor, but we've racked up 20+ pages of construction logs in 2 days, it's hard to keep track of the important stuff in the town log.


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Maybe, just maybe, someone will make a script.. Or add such thing to an existent one.
I was told by a Scripter that, it's not very easy to separate logs "just like that" so guess we need a Dev interference or someone very dedicated (aka a bit crazy :'P)


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Thank you for reminding us about this nice improvement. I will again raise the topic for our developers.


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Or a dropdown menu just like in Reports. whichever is easier to manage by the system i guess.
I think it would be compiled as a feature in the west 3.0 if any. lol :dastardly:

Also guys, is it just me or does Town Log has a cleaning schedule or something? in Colorado, There town, the oldest log is 25 August 2021... what happened to the older logs? did they just go poof? I'm surprised to find this out tbh.
Log is where the history of the town lies.


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