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Idea Title:
Rework the way we think of our characters, adventurers, soldiers, duelers, workers.
Ever since I started playing The West (2010) we had just 4 options of class characters. You picked one and you are one to the day you quit or are deleted for inactivity. It works well, we are used to it and never give it much thought, but what if you would not have a class character? This is not a typical RPG where you have different classes as in races, orc, elf, human etc ... just cowboys and cowgirls.

This is what I am proposing:
  • There is a pool of advantages users can choose from and assign them to their characters.
  • These advantages are classified in tiers and you cannot have 2 advantages from the same tier.
  • At lvl 120 for a price of 2000 bonds or 2000 nuggets you can reset your chosen character advantages.
  • Users can publicize their advantages but by default others cannot see your character chosen advantages, not even on the battlefield. (the x for soldier, slash for duelers and so on will no longer be applicable).
  • There will be a special Tier that will contain locked advantages that will be unlocked by finishing quests, achievements, crafts, battles, duels and so on. The advantages in this Tier will be minor

//Edited//- refer to page3
These are just a few examples. Values will change accordingly, I repeat: just a few examples of attributes.
Starting with hit 2 within one round of a fort battle, 25% chance to ghost that round
Fort battle 10% chance to score a critical hit (10% * total HP)
Fort battle sector bonus +30% for yourself only
Extra HP (+5) per skill point allocated in Health

Battle leadership increase for you and your neighbours by +25% from your leadership skill
Duel motivation rises faster +40%
Initiate duels in a range of 15 min around yourself without the need to travel
In duels you receive a bonus of 50% to your tactic skill
[zd3no] In duels you receive a bonus of +25% to your appearance skill

Extra duel cash +10%
Chance to find more items +10%
Ability to see the bonus a player gets from equipment
[Elmyr] Extra +25% bonus to Stamina skill for you and neighbors in a battle
[Elmyr] Extra +25% bonus to Hiding skill for you and neighbors in a battle
[zd3no]Trial: 5% chance to ghost in a duel if you get hit in first and second round. This will end the duel in round 2 and victor calculated from those 2 rounds.

Level required to use a weapon is lowered by 3 levels
Danger while doing jobs reduced by -10%
Construction motivation recovery increase by +10%
Speed on the map increased by 10%
[zd3no]Trial: 3% chance for a job to drop 2x products. (or +20% if they implement the proposed standard 5% chance of double product drop ... making it 6% or 7% if premium)

Experience earned from work increased by +5%
Construction labour points bonus of +5% if building in own town
Chance to find more products +10%
Free hotel up to 2 stars
Banking fees reduced by -2%

Special Tier:
  1. Battle General (+3% battle damage,health, chance to hit, chance to dodge when successfully completed all Fort achievements)
  2. Duel Maestro (+3% duel damage, aim, dodge, appear, tactic, vigor/shooting, reflex/toughness and HP when completed all Duel achievements)
  3. Craft proficient (+3% product drop chance when ...)
  4. Heavy Sleeper (+3% health and energy regeneration when slept 1000 hours in a hotel or barrack)
  5. Phoenix (+3% map speed when traveled x miles)
  6. ...

Do not forget that you cannot mix advantages from the same tier

Visual Aids:
not applicable at the moment
Reasons for Submitting: Diversity


I think the advantage of this game is that one can play it casually or intensely, depending on what they feel like. Keeping that balance is difficult and I think inno has done a good job keeping it that way, despite some of the recent changes. Tweeking things is good, but major changes would be bad.

If the items are kept well balanced then one can achieve variation through them and the ability to change your stats. I like games to be to my advantage but over coming disadvantage is the challenge of any game.


I am split on this one to be honest. I agree that if we use this it will make TW more complex. However, I like the idea that there is a selection for higher level people, so that they don't get bored with TW.


i am in favour of reworking class advantages maybe not the way its said above, but meh any change is better then none, thus voted in favour


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I voted yes just because the west needs a huge change in class, if those are best ?
I like some other will never be implemented


Reworking the class advantages is something really interesting, should bring in more interest(Anything new brings in more interest), specially to those bored cowboys who have been playing for 5 yrs now with the same class advantages.

Voted yes! :up:

Really hoping that if it gets passed, the idea is actually implemented


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i'd like to see classes eliminated and reworked from scratch with a sort of PERK/LEVEL REWARD or TECH TREE system. The reasons being, there have been so many changes to the game that allow everyone to do everything (duel, FF, quest, farm), so it seems to be the natural progression. It would take some of the complaining away and allow users to build to their style. You can still have soldier or dueler etc as a title or reputation given for actions, just not so it ties you down to set bonuses. One thing that i know drives lots of us crazy is the fact that some classes are not the best at what they are named for. Duelers should be the best at dueling. Soldiers are the best at FF, but should be since they are trained professionals. Remember the Alamo, adventurers, workers, and duelers do not fair well against an actual army regardless of bravery. So eliminate all of that talk and nonsense by allowing the player to decide their bonuses. If you want to be a great dueler or builder or FF'er, then let us do the mixing and matching to be that way, sacrificing in other areas, or finding that balance to be good at all. And if people complain that they are not good at one aspect, allow it to be changed same way with the Shaman or potion.

My only suggestion if the current system stays in place is to allow at level 150 a partial character bonus from another class of our choosing. Like a soldier could add a 2.5% crit chance or a dueler 2 extra HP's per skill point in HP, etc etc


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Voting yes as i feel some people picked a character class in this game when they lacked the experience to know it was the right choice for them so this is a way to reset that choice.


there should be atleast 6 months gap before changing the bonus again. else nugget munchiers will abuse this.
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