Remove Town Hall level cap


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Hello everyone!

My idea is a life saver belt for church builders, giving them an option to build their church for the next couple of years without waiting for the next builder set.
We "simple" need to remove the Town Hall level cap. What are the benefits? With one more new building to build up for years, church difficulty will be easier by five points per level of the town hall.
Quick math: Town Hall at lvl 470 will remove 2250 difficulty points (450x5, because almost every town got lvl 20 Town Hall) which means extra 150 more levels build at church.
Gameplay-wise, I don't think it will break any balance, Town Hall didn't give any bonus to any activity besides town buildings. In my viewpoint doesn't look so hard to implement it.

Harriet Oleson

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Interesting idea but in new towns, if players start by building the Town Hall to a level high enough, won't it make all other buildings too easy to build ? Maybe the town hall cap level should be removed only when all buildings (except church) would have reached their max level. Otherwise a whole town construction may be sum up to town hall only ...


It would be interesting to introduce where the xp is capped to lvl 10 for the townhall. That way you can invest in it to allow more lvls to be built without it becoming the new church for xp farming.


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It's definitely the easiest to implement suggestion regarding infinite building that I've seen. If this is something Inno are looking into, since even the pure builders are being content locked now (bringing them on par with the duellers, fort fighters, questers and crafters who all have nothing to do), this is probably the best way forward.

I also think infinite church building was a mistake, but I suppose the player-base would be even smaller than it is if that was the case.

I'd like either for Town Hall levels >10 to not award Town Points, or for Town Points to be worth less overall score in the town rankings.
Construction is already so far ahead of any other aspect of the game for exp farming, for the players who don't use silver job scripts anyway, I think they need to update other mechanics to decrease everyone's dependency on the single most anti-social part of the game.


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Great points, Lulu. I agree with all except two.
I don't agree that duelers or fort fighters have "little" to do. I would say there are simply a lot less players here than there used to be so there is less of each.

Also, I'm continuously surprised just by how many here are not looking to be social in regard to your anti social point about church building. Many are here to relieve stress from life by picking corn, building church and questing by themselves. When we sleep or are away in real life, church building is just a preferred way by many to prepare for that level increase that has been hinted at for years now.

Dr Roth

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While it's an interesting and viable idea my personal opinion is that it is too easy to farm xp from church, I should know as I have 13k+ hours building mine. If we give an infinite church then I suggest we should lower the xp gained dramatically, maybe even down to a third.


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I also think infinite church building was a mistake, but I suppose the player-base would be even smaller than it is if that was the case.

Thats the exciting part of wild west that game claims on its advertisements yet no one else cares enough to sit on some totally useless jobs on middle of the map and having to click atleast ten thousand times for getting 1m exp.