Quest: Fire heart (only a dream)


I wonder if it has just been added - because I did the other parts of the Fireheart quest before the weekend, and I just got the berries one this afternoon when I finished my other quests (the Cattle Herd set). I've had premium for a week and it definitely didn't show up before that.

The same for me it was not there yesterday went to complete the barb wire one this evening and got the berry quest showing plus a steak one with Henry for the added work premium

Going back to the quest page looks like we get all the premium advantages then for a

Optimization of profits (Starvation wages)


Maya Roalstad: I've been watching you for a while now. It's amazing that you keep working for those starvation wages. After all, it just takes a few little tricks to make a lot of money and to find really nice things.
Lets make a little test: go and try to sell newspapers and bring me one paper when you are done. After that I'll tell you a little trick and I'll send you out again. You'll see the difference.

Target: Bring Maya a newspaper

Hint: As reward for this quest you receive the premium bonus More Money. You receive 50% more money when working a job. Items that you find during your work are more valuable. The chance to find a product is also raised by 50%. The premium bonus expires after 7 days.
You can extend the premium advantages at any time.

Newspaper *The Western Star* 0/1

Reward: + 3 days premium "Higher income"
+ 20 Experience points

Guess who is really pissed as he reactivated his premium again this am
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I am currently level 19 and I don't have the Optimization of Profits quest option?

What gives - on Weststats is says I should have the option at level 18?


IIRC, my character on world 2 got this quest, and it seems to have "disappeared" at some point, as it does not appear in my list of completed or incomplete quests, and I did not activate the bonus. But my character on world 3 just got the quest, but I'm already running on the energy premium -- can anyone else confirm what was said above about the quest extending your bonus if you already have it activated? Or is it possible the quest disappears after awhile if it the bonus isn't activated soon enough, etc.

Hint: As a reward for this quest you receive the premium bonus More Energy. It gives you a maximum of 150 energy points and the energy recovers 50% faster.
you can extend that premium advantage at any time.
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