Pure Trapper.


sorry to be a pain, how and where can I get charlatans shoes? I'm lvl 74 on world 9 but can't find the shoes anywhere!!! Can anyone put me out my misery please :(
Simply finish the Ghost Town questline (KO El Capitano), don't bother with shopping invites. Said questline is pretty easy for players of your level and provides more than one level worth of experience points so on top of evetrything you also get a level up to go with your shoes ;)


many thanks my friend

thank you, thank you, thank you :)
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I am level 24 pure trapper in world 10. Just unlocked hunting grizzlies, so were do I go next. I am thinking about shooting and/or charisma/appearance. This way it could be easy to turn into a decent dueller after I do some respec at a later level(after I get mercenary etc..)

Any other suggestions?


It makes sense. Think I will go with that. I should then be able to construct manor house by level 30 or maybe before if I can raise money for the right gear.