Piece of a Note part 1

Discussion in 'World 3' started by alrees61, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. he's got the hernandos now..
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    Post from German forums

    I thought this post from the German forums was very informative and everyone reading here might appreciate it.

    Element of a slip (part 1)

    Element of a slip (part 2)

    Element of a slip (part 3)


    Quote from Kleeblatt
    Mik hat es damals kürzer geschrieben. Mik has written shorter time. Mik schrieb, dass man 2x den Indianer wählen soll u. dann den Sheriff. Mik wrote that 2x the Indians choose and then the sheriff.
    Erstens: First:
    Bei die Entscheidung(Quest ab Level 25) sollte man Waupees Weg annehmen, In the decision (from Quest Level 25) you should accept Waupees way,
    also die 100 Erfahrungspunkte und die Friedenspfeife. So the 100 experience points and the peace pipe.

    Zweitens: Second:
    Bei Three Rivers(Quest ab Level 39) muss man auch Waupees Weg annehmen, In Three Rivers (Quest from Level 39), we must also accept Waupees way,
    obwohl man dort 1300 $ weniger bekommt. although it is less then 1300 $ gets.

    Drittens: Third:
    Bei Gefangenentransport(Quest ab Level 45) muss man den weg des Sheriffs annehmen, When transporting prisoners (Quest from Level 45) you have to take away the sheriff,
    500 Erfahrungspunkte anstatt 2500$. 500 experience points instead of 2500 $.

    Also, der bescheidene gewinnt! Also, the modest gains!
    Danke, das war endlich mal ein guter Tipp! Thanks, that was finally a good tip!
    Aber alle, die sich schon falsch entschieden haben, können die dann das Schwert gar nicht bekommen? But all who have been wrongly decided, then, the sword did not get?


  3. yeah, DeluxeGamer has found part 3, as well, but like Micky he didn't have part 1 before, so he has to have some real luck now.

    By the way, you only have to choose Waupee's quest ends. The sheriff's one doesn't affect finding part 3. There was some confusion about it, but it's in the same thread
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    Nov 26, 2008
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    Awesome. I haven't been keepin' up on the German news.

    And yes I think we established that somewhere back in this thread...

    How about the character class quests, there was question over them in relation to the glorified toilet paper.
  5. It's quite doubtful. No character should be superior in finding the parts of the note.
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    are you really sure sherif is not included in sword quest ?
  7. yeap...well not 100% since I haven't found part 3 yet myself, however it has been pointed out a couple of times on the german boards.

    The thread has 1368 posts atm, and I don't really have the time to find the right ones now, but I'm sure that it has been mentioned more than once that the last decision quest is irrelevant (for the parts of the note anyway)
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    hm thanks for explanation, i hope you are right :)

    but in order not to miss "teh sword" by any chance (since im pure vigour ) i still gonna do the sheriff quest in "moral" way to get 500 xp :) :p
  9. i know how to take the piece of a note part 3 but atm i cant because i dont have 2 items in my inventorY:p
    oh and im not going to tell anyone this thing :p:p:p:p:p
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    Oct 3, 2008
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  11. Romelis

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    why would anyone lie in forum to get attention... ?
  12. nieh nieh nieh i really know :p but i really need two items to get it :p
  13. Romelis

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    whats the point in bragging that you know something that others dont ?
    do you earn some "coolness" points to share with your invisible friends ?
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    I got the sword, Romelis. If you need to see if you're able to find it, talk to me in-game.
  15. You took the 3rd piece from a hidden quest didnt u?
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    seeing how they explained it on weststats for about a week before removing it, I don't see what you are bragging about, about half the people who reads forum knows about it.
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    Nov 26, 2008
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    Tell me more!!!
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    I have 3 part 2 note..

    and that's means nothing...
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    Lol at least that means you get two sell two of them totaling around $600 value.
  20. I didnt realy know that it was posted on weststats:( sry about that