Passed Minor Ideas #2

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These ideas come from the minor ideas thread. We shall not be voting on these ideas, as that would be to time consuming. However if you have any last minute suggestions or criticisms here is the place to voice them. Otherwise these ideas shall be presented to the developers like any other idea.

Due to the long list of minor ideas, I have split them in half. This bunch contains the "saved" ideas, so rest assured your ideas in the current thread have not been forgotten! Prepare yourself for a long post:
  1. Alright, here's the example I used when I originally suggested this thread. Add a center map on town icon on the town window instead of having to go back to a player or town rankings to find the town. It doesn't matter where exactly it goes, this is just one possibility.

  2. I could see that being something to discuss rather than a quickie. But either way, I hope it gets passed along and I hope they do something with it. :)

    How about changing the default job length to one which will be useful more than 0% of the time? Have it be a user-definable setting if simply changing it universally would cause any problems. (See Elmyr's mockup in the thread for this idea)

    I like all the suggestions in here so far.
  3. Another seperate minor idea would be a button next to the "Log out" that takes you back to the server selection screen. I have low level characters on both server 7 and server nine now, and it would be nice to be able to flip between them in a quick and easy manner.
  4. i dont duel ok but my idea is that like thehealth energy and ex bar you have another which is for duelling which lets you know when you are going to level up

    and perhaps a button where you can swap between duelling rank and normal rank on the front page so you dont have to go into character
  5. Sorry for the double post.

    Perhaps show the job length in the report title?
  6. 2 minor ideas:

    2nd- How much time I have left to join a town?? You must try to accept the invitation in order to know if you will join it or not. A simple countdown in the invitation window should be enough.
  7. Another idea:Auto set highest hotel residence in home town.

    When you click hotel in your hometown the highest room you are able to select in that city will be auto-chosen,so you can just say sleep.Not abig thingy but thosse things will improve gameplay.
  8. a KO timer. currently it says "Duel not possible for 48 hours". i would like to propose a timer to the person who got KO'd only. everyone else it says the normal "Duel not possible for 48 hours" aslo not give someone who is stalking you an advantage
  9. imo features/information missing in the Battle report:
    xp your char gained.

    - Name of the initiation town of the battle/new owner.

    - rounds the battle take

    - bb code for player

    - bb code for towns

    imo information that should not shown in the battle report:

    - total/left healthpoints of other players
  10. removed (already implemented)
  11. Add motivation to the pop up when hovering over the job icon. The most common reason for looking at a job and then closing it is because your motivation is still too low.
  12. I would very much like to see a search function for the town forums.
  13. Allow to use the Village and Fort ID nummer as bb code.
    in case of renaming a town or fort the link will remain.

    normal: [town]Example[/town] = Example (linked)
    alternatic: [townid]1234[/townid] = Example (linked)
  14. I understand why you cannot see the aim dodge of the top 15 players. I think it would be nice if you could still see where you ranked.

    You could display the rankings like usual but just not display the top 15 player names or towns or character level. That way you could still see how you stack up to the rest of the players, but you wouldn't get valuable information about other players you might duel.

    It doesn't seem like this would be very difficult programming, but I'm not sure.
  15. How about highlighting a new Job in the Drop-Down box on the mini-map, every time a new one is "unlocked."

    It might just be me, but it's kind of annoying looking through and trying to tell which ones are new.
  16. How about in the town forums when someone posts their name is clickable to their profile. Sometimes I read posts from town members and want to check their gear or send them a telegram. Would be nice to not have to close out of the forum to do so.
  17. Please add sum of fort fighters for each side, somewhere in the fort battle screen; so attackers or defenders do not have to count their comrades constantly :D
    Personally I always count my comrades and compare to the total player count present at fort and I make a guess of opposite side fighters :p

    Please add a small comrades count beside the players list.
  18. Can we have it so we can sell [stack] more than one type of item at a time
  19. Here is another minor game change that has ALWAYS bugged me.

    Weapon skill BONUSES should INCREASE as weapon quality increases, NOT remain the same. There are several weapons that have the same bonus for rusty/regular/precise and several with one bonus for rusty & another bonus for regular/sharp. EACH weapon grade [for weapons with a bonus] should be one/two skill point(s) better than the previous, just makes logical sense.

    Lastly, the damage allocation caused by guns doesn't make much sense to me at all.
    How can the most EXPENSIVE ITEM in the game have the same MINIMUM damage as the next lowest weapon and only a FEW damage points higher on the top end???
  20. I'd just like a button added to view fort information (like the town button on the left) which brings you to the view of the fort so you can queue walking there and/or see what products are there and what are needed. It can be done now, but not without changing everything on your screen. I hope I didn't mix things up so much that you can't figure out what I'm trying to say.
  21. I would like to see a stat for how much money the town has stolen from its duels. That could be fun to see easily.
  22. I've got a good, small idea, which will help a lot!

    as you guys know, in the dueling rankings you can see three things
    the total EXP gained the wins and loses, along with the difference

    but, there is something very important missing, the number of KOs inflicted and faced

    it will help a lot to show the number of KOs a dueler has to his credit and the number of times he/she passed out

    what do you guys say?
  23. I don't know whether this has been suggested or not yet, but here goes.

    Currently whenever I wish to see a list of towns in an alliance I put their 'tag' or code into the search bar under the town ranking section and it gives me a list of the top 15 villages with the relevant 'tag'.

    However I was wondering about those alliances that have more than 15 villages, for some reason you can't press 'up' or 'down' to see any others with that 'tag' other than those in the top 15. The same applies when searching for other key words or names.

    Is there any way to get round that or perhaps rectify that in a future update for easier use?
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Timo 6

Top right isn't there something like 18:20? I can't remember, I haven't been in a battle for ages.


Top right isn't there something like 18:20? I can't remember, I haven't been in a battle for ages.
That's right, but only when the battle started. The idea is to count the number of comrades before it started. ;)


Just checked. Founders can see total number of players via the recruiting page, but other members can't. It'd be good to have a count on the Player/Comrade List too.
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