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Hi all ,
I'm looking for Allan Quatermain's Rifle , I'm playing at this world with the same name , please if you want to sell it just contact me .
Thank you in advance
Am I correct in that the global market/auction is dead? I see zero things on the market. Does every town has it's own market? I thought it was worldwide?
Maybe Inno should make a bot that buys and sells. New players leave if the market is dead. Not as main reason, but as second one....

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Worlds with low population rarely have much in the market. Low numbers of players means no one has much to sell or probably already sold their extras long ago.
. The shops are still there and the mobile trader sometimes has good shop things and can buy stuff from you.

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When you go in the "Buy" tab of the market window, by default offers don't appear.
You have to chose what you're looking for first : there are options like "consumable", "usable", "world/alliance or town market" etc, and/ or you can indicate in the text field (part of) the item's name you're looking for. Then click on the search button (the magnifying glass icon). Here all the concerned offers will appear.

You can also directly chose a type of item/product in the accordeon menu at the left : this menu lists all types of offers currently at the market. When you select one type, concerned offers will directly appear without clicking on the search button.