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Looking to buy:

Create Modern Armour Recipe
Create Hip Flask Recipe
Watchmaker's Tools recipe


Sniper Rifle

Tele me in game.


Looking to touch these items to complete my collections.
If anyone can help me, please message me ingame.

Dirk Bohannan

Mix Hair Lotion Recipe

I'm looking to buy a Mix Hair Lotion Recipe. Offering 150K. Please TG me in game.


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IM looking for pat desmond or bass rifle on El Dorado,oh I am also buying lye on my world for crafting purposes if you have any list it please.thank you


1 Bayonet? :huh:

I think if you check market you will definitely find a bulk of them..

Malach ha-Mavet

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Anyone here playing in both Colorado and W1? I'm looking for someone to trade: I'm trading everything I have in Colorado + cash for some of the Cullen Baker's items or Bill Doolin's horse in W1.