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It would be awesome if we could bundle different items together in a single bundle for auction at the market. For example, I could bundle and sell the entire Charlatan's Set, hat, shoes, tie, everything - all in one bundle. Or, I could bundle ingredients so a Smithy can make 10 Bayonets for me. Or, I could collect all of the products required to upgrade Soldier's Tower in a fort owned by my alliance, but not my town and post them in one bundle for a fort owner pick up.

Current Workaround
Currently, players have to post MANY groups of items to the Market. This involves a lot of clicks and a lot of interaction with the server. Additionally, the intended buyer has to execute just as many clicks to purchase and pick up the item, a lot of additional interaction with the server.

Provide a button that allows players to add additional items to the auction bid they are currently building. Naturally, this will create a new category Bundled Items. It might be easier if users must select from a list of titles, one that best describes the bundle they are posting.

Abuse Prevention
I cannot imagine how this could be abused.

Visual Aids

I can imagine some pretty cool sets of items being posted in this bundled form. This will encourage players to collect individual items in order to sell them as a set. It will allow players to bundle a complete list of ingredients for crafting projects. Imagine approaching crafting level 250 and being able to buy all of the level 250 recipes in a single bundle.

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The voting process for this idea has ended. Since the approval rating is above 80%, the idea will be sent to developers. Congratulations.

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