Inventory improvements (Inventory 2.5?)


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I was thinking about some improvements that developers could implement in the game's inventory interface and management, as it would practically help players with sorting, organizing, or cleaning up their inventories.


Multiple object selection​
Ability to sell upgraded items in the market​
Search filters​
Pin or a small tool to attach everyday use objects, items, clothes, or buffs.​
Being able to select multiple items from the inventory and drag them together, or, in essence, being able to select them and have the option to sell them to the traveling merchant or to city businesses as a fallbackThis arises as an alternative to getting rid of certain items that we once improved to maximize their performance but, with the passage of events and other updates, these upgraded items have become completely obsolete.Apply internal filters to product categories, something like small windows that allow sorting and filtering different items among themselves, including products obtained through work, items related to quests, recipes, consumables, etc.

Other filters also can be: value, level, A to Z, etc.
Add a tool that allows attaching certain items (like the ones mentioned in this point) to the main inventory tab so that the player can have them easily accessible.


  • Combine the animal and mount category or create two separate categories.
  • Personal interface: This implies that the inventory has a 'main interface,' and the user has the ability to place the objects they prefer in their 'personal interface'
Possibly some of these ideas have already been discussed. However, through the discussion in this thread, new suggestions might be implemented, ones that I haven't even mentioned in this message.


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>Multiple object selection
very convenient for when selling junk at the traveller. could be like a ctr+click or a [ ] select box to mark the bulk for sale.

>Ability to sell upgraded items in the market
disagree, for the trade in freezing 3, 9 or 27 items in one for a small buff is what keeps their price high. it is actually good for the game economy to freeze them like that, it lower the offer while the demand is the same. if you could just barf them out of your inventory once you get something better then it would be just a lump of that item.

>Search filters
when you search for "health" or "energy" it already selects that kind of item; for the subcategories of items, there could be more products icon on inventory and sort them into those categories, that is good.

>Pin or a small tool to attach everyday use objects, items, clothes, or buffs.
i have an additional here: quick-use items tab displayed in your screen instead of having to open the inventory for it. a 5-slot window somewhere so you can use consumables quick. fixing items is very needed so you don't sell anything by accident. maybe the set changing icon could be on screen too instead of at the inventory? macro them into the 0-9 numbers on keyboard? that would reduce openings of windows and clicking here and there. come on!

>Combine the animal and mount category or create two separate categories.
one product category on the separate icons could be "stats" products.

one other great deal would be to separate newly acquired items from recently moved items into two categories. when i'm luck farming and all the recent items i'd also like to sell all at once instead of one by one, in two changes of sets i already kicked them out of the "new" items window and must search them in each compartment icon, which somehow don't seem to separate new items from old items queued there as far as i remember, and i'm afraid to sell something i shouldnt so pinning them would help. i was to say to increase window size but that isn't necessary, just please make the two categories "recent item" and "newly acquired item" apart.