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  1. lulumcnoob

    Increase the amount of Skill Points awarded per level

    Idea title: Increase the amount of Skill Points awarded per level, to offset clothing/set bonus power creep. Details of idea: Nowadays, the vast majority of the player's skills come from clothing and set bonuses. When most of the input comes from clothing and set bonuses, the PvP formulas can...
  2. Tortojcla


    Dear The West players, I know many of you and I know that many of you have been through a lot if not all the changest InnoGames did to the game since the release. And I, as a 10 year old player can't stay silent about looking at more and more disbalance they make. As an example just take a look...
  3. Junkz

    Construction Ranking Experience

    Proposal In the same way that the Duel ranking shows the EXP a player has gained in duels, the Construction ranking should show the EXP a player has gained while building. Current Workaround Currently, the construction ranking features your building points, your travel fair building points and...
  4. lulumcnoob

    Hiding Quests

    Add the ability to "hide" quests in the quest book or saloon that you do not wish to do. Have you ever thought "jeez that's a lot of quests" at level 24? I definitely have - and it gets worse and worse and worse as you level up until you eventually give up, assuming you aren't trying to be a...