improve adventurer's class bonuses

Discussion in 'Ideas & Brainfarts' started by dankolo, Jun 15, 2019.

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    Oct 1, 2014
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    I think improvement in rewards as a whole needs to be worked upon. Just bonds and exp are lacking and insanely not attractive. The reason why is that, people lose energy, time lost, and to simply wait for 1 event in the whole game to spend it on is insane!

    I for one would want the bonds cap/rewards to at least double for fort fights.

    I hardly can compete with union gear, and I feel that none premium tanks will eventually be not able to compete with premium tanks as well.

    Why at least double the amount of bonds? Simple, so that none premium can have a better chance at competing with premium players. The gap will still be there but at least they can work hard to diminish it.

    And please stop making overpowered sets that will simply break competition!

    6 months since murrieta set was introduced and it being already obsolete is insane, same thing with zapata!
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    Dec 8, 2018
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    Agree with all
    And This, most of all!

    World is changing to a faster but even more busier place. Most people already has very short time to spare.

    Battles became shorter, but not in a good & balanced way.