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Howdy players,

On January 21st it is National Hugging Day! The idea of hugging day is to give your loved ones hugs more often. The idea of hugging day is thought of by Kevin Zaborney in 1986. He chose January 21st as it is in between Christmas, New Years Day and Valentines Day when he thought people were generally in low spirits. To pay homage to this wholesome day, which Kevin himself thought would fail, we will be hosting a small Forum Contest to encourage sharing love and hugs.

We request a story about an in-game friend that is special to you. Name this friend in the story.

'Which player do you consider to be a genuinly great person and why does this player deserve a hug?'

Your submission will be read by the event team. Players will be given a reward based on:

  • Top 3 wholesome stories (200 Nuggets each)
  • Most hugged player (150 Nuggets)
  • Random 3x draw (50 Nuggets + Blue Letter each)
You can participate by posting your story below, the thread is set to approve all messages before they can be viewed.

After the contest is concluded we will publish the winners and their respective story.

Rules for participating in contests can be read here. You can tell your story until 28th January 2024 12.00 utc!

Lots of hugs
Your The West Team
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White Wolf

Well, I am not that much of a hug person, but I do have a story about a special friend to share :)

It all started with me joining Colorado. I was invited by a very fine fella to join Bear Valley. There, I crossed paths with a player who would become a special friend, Noxaratos. We began our journey as mere strangers, our only connection being that we were in the same town. We are both pretty competitive and reserved individuals so as you can imagine, this story didn't start well. It felt as if we were both competing as to who would level up faster or who would get the most kills.

Despite our initial coldness, there was a fatefull incident that transformed this dynamic. One day I was duelled by an aggressive player, when I was working. As you can imagine, it didn't end too well. I didn't see this coming, and I ended up getting knocked out. Out of frustration, I turned to Noxaratos, sharing the humiliating experience :p . To my surprise, Nox didn't just empathise.. He took action.

He confronted that guy before he could run away and knocked him out, avenging my defeat. That guy was so mad, and ever since then he is trying to attack us whenever we are in work clothes or vulnerable. He loses constantly but kudos to the poor guy, at least he's trying :D

Ever since that day, our dynamic with Noxaratos shifted and we learned to trust each other. Today, we are good friends. Helping each other whenever one of us is in need, duelling bad guys together from time to time and fighting alongside on fort battles. To me, he is not just a virtual friend, but a friend in real life. Really cool guy and special friend.


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benben7 i owe a whole bunch of hugs not only for all the help he has givin me over 15 or 16 years but also to helping me with ff sets , duel sets and just being my good friend. not only me but he has helped countless other players. he also has taught me ff tactics, duel tactics, but for just being my friend and being there for me. hugs from boot benben!


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I have known her for almost 15 years dating back to a previous game that has been gone for years called Human-age that ended up in the Wild West Age 6 which is why we ended up here looking for a game in the same time period...we eventually created a town together as co-leaders independent of the big alliances. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for her help keeping up the town as people came and went throughout the years sticking with me through thick and thin helping out whenever she can without demanding anything in return. She also excels at completing everything the game has to offer especially hunting for achievements and even writing a quest for the game earning her the coveted title of Storyteller...and this is someone we should give a big hug.


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My story is from the early days of learning and finding workers can be so fun to hide behind.

One day years ago, there was a battle at Awesomia. The battle took place when most of the west was getting their beauty sleep. To set the scene there was 3 defenders(1 online) and 4 attackers (2 online).
As the battle starts, an offline Harsha moves to the flag, while I followed the big baddy shield. I then spend the many rounds hanging out around the flag, even moving into it in order to keep myself safe from the the overly sharp pokey attackers. As the battle marches along, I watch as the attackers fall one by one, being thankful for my shield and offie backup in the adventurer's tower, as I surely had not killed any of the red intruders.
The battle ends and a look at report, it has the truth that my friendly shield has been the sole executioner of the intruders. This battle truly sticks in my mind as the a learning experience. As this showed not only how fearsome of a worker tank not to be messed with he was, in not only tanking but damage, so definitely did not want to be shooting at him or be in his ouchy line of sight either. His battle baddyness was so at odds with his friendly willingness to answer my dumb questions and help me if I asked.
I did write to thank him for his offie shielding and taking out the intruders, which got a humble reply.
Even to this day he still a fearsome worker tank and someone enjoyable to chat with or run to for help. I of course as a great hider would give him a hug and maybe move him a bit to the East, with no ulterior motives, promise, any day.
Thank you Harsha and the many others out there that made playing the West a fun experience, as at the end of the day it was the players one meets along the way that made the journey worth it.

Happy belated Hug Day!
Years of playing we come across many players who are deserving of Hugs and for different reasons, be it by helping, crafting, supporting, loyalty, or admiration in general, not always in what they do for one self, but what they do for others. That has been the case in previous worlds have played, but now i concentrate on Juarez as it is the only world i now play. For reasons stated before there are so many deserving of a hug but i would give my Biggest Hug to Killer Bonnie.
We have worked closely for couple of years now and it has been with the aim of getting fort battles daily. It was Bonnie's belief that an active world needs regular battles, alternating between different alliances, it still remains as an objective. As time has passed, i have seen other areas' where Bonnie has shown herself to be a great leader on a general scale, she reads Inno Forum and passes on information with what's happening that might be relevant to some, posting of quests coming up and general information. Also she has been a goto person if i need help, either for myself or for others.
Killer Bonnie's heart is in the game, the way she plays all facets of it, but also with the insight of what is needed for a world to be active through fort fighting.
Biggest Hug, Killer Bonnie for me.

suhail khan

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I played this game 10 years ago. I and my brother we played the game alone. Never really interacted much with other players. Who knows we might have quit playing very soon when we got bored. Gunner86 found us somehow. Recruited us for the town "The Asylum" in world 1. He really taught me and my brother how to play the game. Mind you, I was just 12 years old when I got started in this game. I played this game for a little longer, until things in real life really started picking up.

10 years later, I have moved to different country, continents away. Being just 22 years old, away from family or friends, I was craving a sense of community to belong to. That's when it hit me. The-West. The game I used to play where people helped without asking and had sooo much fun. But it was 10 years ago. That's a long time. I didn't know if the game still existed? If the people I knew still played the game? If it was still fun?

I gave it a try and to my amazement. If not anyone else, Gunner was still here. 10 years later, he was still here. The guy who helped me get started 10 years ago, was still here. Sorry for being overdramatic but for me, merely his presence made me play the game again :)

The person that deserves all the hugs is Gunner86.


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I think Old Kal mate deserves a huge hug for being so active in onboarding new players into this game on Colorado server. Me, returning player from 12 year break, don't need a lot of help and advising, still I sincerely appreciate what people like Old Kal do for this game. And to make this story more personal I will tell you how I logged in into the game after more than 10 years break and found it literally the same as I left it. I felt a lot of nostalgy but at the same time I realized that I am gonna miss the time when a lot of people were chatting, helping each other, talking jokes in the saloon and fight each other as well. Strong community is what makes this game great. So, I was a little bit disappointed to see empty saloon with no discussion being held. And no noobs asking their noobie questions. And no mature soldiers who could brag with their recent achievements. And then, one hour later someone actually asked something about their first town choice or something like that. And Old Kal stepped up, and made few advices, and offered to this new player to join the town where everybody helpful and active, and that brought to me some hope that this game, even 15 years after it'd being introduced to the world, still can offer a warm welcome to the newest players because of the men like Old Kal and many other great guys who go out of their skin to bring fresh blood to the Wild West. Thank you guys, all of you, and particularly Old Kal.


A Wise Friend and Valuable Town Member: SINYOR on Hug Day

Hug Day is not just a celebration of physical embraces; it's a day to commemorate the friendship bridges built between hearts. On this meaningful day, I want to share a special moment with you, @SiNYOR , my dear friend, a good uncle, and a wise member of our town.

@SiNYOR , you are not only a friend but also akin to a wise uncle, filled with vast experiences. The time spent with you teaches not only the essence of friendship but also the importance of navigating the depths of life. Your encountered challenges and gained wisdom make you not just a friend but also a trustworthy guide and a valuable member of our town.
Our introduction to you, @SiNYOR , was not just a beginning but also, for me, the opening of a great life lesson. Your memories add vibrant colors to the town's history, and each of your stories aids in tracing the footprints of the past. You are not just a good uncle but also a significant figure shaping the fabric of our town.
On the occasion of Hug Day, I want to express my gratitude to you, @SiNYOR . As not only a friend but also a wise uncle brimming with experiences, love for the town, and sincerity, you are a true treasure for me. Every moment spent with you helps me understand the real value of town life and friendship even more.

Happy Hug Day, dear @SiNYOR ! May this special day we share be filled not only with embraces but also with the bonds we have built. Thank you for being a part of our town.


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The story i'm gonna tell you is about my friend Mejbyyy who is one of my best friends since i started playing this game again after a 10 year break. I started playing on Colorado in June 2023 and as i was trying to get to grips of the game again i started to attend some battles and Mejbyyy saw that i was a low level player and didnt have any gear and without asking for anything he offered to give me an exp set that had no use for him(Dickinson clothes+mount and Dead Moroz weapons). This was a huge help for my start and in the early days i gave him 1 Sousa item which i got from the first event i attended as a compensation for his help.
Since then we are always talking everyday and helping each other for example trading the items from events which are of no use for the other since i am playing as an adventurer tank and he is a dueller. When someone needs anything from a crafting profession or a product for a specific quest we are there to help. Lately he is enjoying playing on Navajo where i have no character there so i started missing his banter on Colorado so every moment he spends here is more precious than before. Long live our friendship and i hope we will both play this game until it's downfall will come.


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There was a dusty little town in the heart of the Wild West called Snipers Union. The streets were dusty, and the scorching sun painted everything with golden tones. In this town, there was a man, a fearless fellow known as Xerife Polo.

Xerife Polo was a man of few words, but his reputation resonated throughout the region. He wore a polished badge on his chest and a wide-brimmed hat that cast shadows over his discerning eyes. His cold gaze conveyed that he had seen things that most people would not even dare to imagine.

The Snipers Union town was constantly on the brink of conflict. Duels were common, and battles for forts and fortunes were fought frequently. Xerife Polo, however, maintained order with a firm hand and impeccable aim. He was the guardian of justice on that barren patch of ground.

Amid the dust and tension, there was one friend of Polo who stood out, a brave outsider named Kkaamm. Kkaamm was known for his quickness with the trigger and his unparalleled skill with the pistol. He and Xerife Polo shared a solid friendship, forged in countless decades-long battles and duels.

One hot afternoon, Snipers Union was on the brink of a battle of forts. Two groups were vying for control of the fort, and inevitably, there could only be one winner. Xerife Polo and Kkaamm knew that battle was imminent. They prepared, gathering loyal allies and forming a line of defense around the city's fort.

The sun set, and the night brought with it the distant sound of horses' hooves and the squeak of saloon doors. The battle began under a full moon, with gunshots echoing through the narrow streets. Polo and Kkaamm fought side by side, facing each challenge with fearlessness.

The fight for control of the fort lasted hours, but in the end, justice prevailed. Xerife Polo and Kkaamm kept the Snipers Union city fort safe once again. Among the wreckage of the battle, with the smell of gunpowder in the air, they looked at each other and smiled, recognizing the strength of their friendship.

"Kkaamm," said Xerife Polo, "you are a true fearless hero. Always by my side, fighting for the right cause. If anyone deserves a hug in this wild West, it's you."

Kkaamm smiled back, shook Xerife's hand, and hugged, and in the heat of the night, they celebrated another victory together, knowing that, in the Wild West, friendship was as valuable as the gold and forts that everyone was looking for.


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Thank you for participating and the Winners are:

berkay01 200 nuggets
kkaamm 200 nuggets
WesternCalin 200 nuggets

Mejbyyy 150 nuggets

JWillow 50 nuggets+ blue letter
suhail khan 50 nuggets+ blue letter
Terry Hillgrove 50 nuggets+ blue letter

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