Hell's Guide to Fort Wars


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how do you dig the hatchet to start a ff? do you need to be a certain lvl, or town leader?

Some town points to be able to dig, ¥1500($Ingame money other than nuggets)for small, 5000 for medium I think and 10000(10k) for large.

Awesomnia is large which needs 10k.

Needed town points differs from small to large.

42800 for large if I remember correctly...

Large has space of up to 140 attackers versus 120 defenders.


towers will be completely built depending on the size of the fort. a level 1 tower will not have 9 spaces, ever. a 9 space tower appears when the tower reaches level 2. for max levels:
small fort - lvl 3
medium - lvl 4
large - lvl 5
This is a fairly old post. I have seen fort buildings with levels up to 7.

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I am new to fort battles having avoided them like the plague, so I have a lot of questions. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the little symbols are inside the character icons that appear on the fort map. Some have a little diagonal line like the ones on no smoking signs, some have an x, some have a diagonal line inside a circle, some have an x inside a circle. Not even the support people can tell me what they signify. I suspect it has something to do with the health of the player, but I have not been able to figure what, and as I said, there is no information anywhere, even from support personnel.


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Does it look anything like this because this is what most of us see...