Hell's Guide to Fort Wars

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by Hellstromm, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. TJHoenecke

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    This is just the sort of thing I've been wondering about. I haven't been able to participate in many fort battles, but when I have it has always been online. I could start making some more if I went to some offline, but frankly the whole idea of participating as an offliner seems to mean that I will pretty much have to devote my entire day's efforts to the fort battle, and little to nothing else. I'm sure there are at least a few others as confused about offline participation as I am, and perhaps more of them would participate if they had a little more guidance about how to do it.

    When I participate as an onliner, I usually just try to show up thirty to sixty minutes before the battle starts to sign up and get ranked, then come back to the computer for the actual battle, and then as long as I survive the battle with some health left, go back to use whatever energy I had left for what I was doing before the battle.

    Let's assume I want to participate in a fort battle that is going to take place right in the middle of my actual work day -- what should I do so that can not only participate while offline, but also still make good use of the rest of the day (when I am home) to still do some jobs, etc. as opposed to just standing around as a target for predatory duelers four hours before the battle and four hours after?
  2. Elmyr

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    Time your work so your energy is gone before the battle, just don't work right next to the fort.
  3. carpathianm

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    Just to sum up some newbee fort battle questions....

    Firstly, koodos to all who have spent time writing up all the informative tutorials.

    I have just very recently became interested in Fort Battles and like all newcomers to this aspect of the game I have run up against a few, er, 'obstacles'.

    Many questions have indirectly been asked by others but I am going to ask them just one more time 'cause my cranial seems to be getting denser the older I get.

    I am just about to reach level 110, have all the most beneficial items in my inventory and currently carry a precise coach gun. I can muster 2400 HP as an all rounder fort fighter.My town is not affiliated with any other big alliances, er, read, 'loner':). And so far I have participated, or have tried to participate in, four battles. Made one battle, showed up hours before hand for two, only to be given the 'missed battle report' and have failed to show up for one battle 'cause, well, winter has been cancelled and there was port and a habanos on the deck.

    As far as I am able to discern, getting in for a battle has a lot to do with alliance affiliations, the caliber of weapon carried, the leadership level, and the timing of one's arrival?

    -is being part of a big alliance further your chances of getting ranked in a battle?

    -the higher caliber of gun the more likely one gets ranked?

    -conversely, the higher leadership the better chance of rank?

    -does the arrival time have any significance, other than positioning, taking into consideration that the afore mentioned will directly affect ones chances of getting bumped for another?
  4. Duduie

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    I'd say yes, but does not guarantee a rank.
    Absolutely. You need at least a Precise Winchester to be looked at at your level.
    They have no way of knowing your skill, so I'd say no.
    Not really, but if you express to the general that you are going to be online for that battle (if you are able to) will increase your chances.
    What else can increase your chances: golden gun, high health and following the general's orders (this when you do get in a battle; people remember your performance and if you don't follow orders, you are not considered helpful, thus not picked).

    Also, take into consideration the size of the fort. In a small fort, I do not think you will stand a chance, not being part of alliance, not being affiliated with them and not having a golden gun and high health points. In a medium or large fort your chances are greater, specially on older worlds, since people fail to fill them up. You will not be kicked out if the fort is not filled up.
  5. carpathianm

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  6. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    The only skill that affects ranking is health.
  7. ross westwood

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    Jul 2, 2012
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    why do fort battles have to have limited numbers- there should be no limit with the same number for all forts whether they are small,medium or large.then it would be on a first in basis until all red or blue squares filled.than,fighters could be told they will not fight today before they walk to the fort.
  8. Glorry

    Glorry Guest

    Well ross, You want to take over a big fort? More attackers please. But we still need defenders, more defenders!You want a small fort because it's easy? We can have less defenders so you can take them down fast, but we cannot have to many attackers.
  9. Micky001

    Micky001 Guest

    Well what's the point of ranks then?
  10. Duduie

    Duduie Guest

    1st of all, ranking allows a general to chose (in case of an overflow) who stays in the battle and who does not participate. That is important when a battle is full, because it is better to ensure a place for a high-level/high health points/golden gun possessor than a level 10 greenhorn who doesn't even have a fort gun. This way, if it comes down to choosing, a general can pick the best of them.

    2nd, if a spy infiltrates your ranks, you can mark him as traitor and he won't be able to see the battle chat.

    3rd and last (but just as important as the rest), ranking is one of the movement steps. There are several factors determining who moves 1st. The factors are: town, rank, leadership, other battle skills. Therefore: generals move 1st (the general with the highest leadership moving 1st). Then the captains move (captains from attacking/owning town before captains members of other towns ... the captain with the highest leadership from attacking/owning town moves after the generals) and so on. You get the picture ;)
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  11. Elmyr

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    Not true. It's alliance not town. If you're a captain with the most leadership and your alliance has a town in the fort, you move before all other captains. I'm speaking from experience. My fort fighters all have high leadership and I bump captains from the owning town. As far as alliance goes, in a defense all alliances in the fort are considered equal with the owning town's alliance getting no preference.
  12. scorchx

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    Okay, last night i signed up for a fort battle, positioned myself and somehow missed the fight, dispite being there. How did that happen? I wasted 8 friggin hours that i could have used to fix up my town or something.
  13. dissembler

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    Aug 16, 2012
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    you may not have got a rank.. did you ask in fort chat? the norm is just plain n simple "rank please".
    in order to get in the generals can give ranks to players to make sure they get in / move etc.... traitor, reserve, private, captain. so next fight just ask because they assume you are offline
  14. scorchx

    scorchx Guest

    I got an answer, 83 players turned up for defense, fort could only hold 41, so 42 players were bumped away. Best fighters stuck around, and we still lost. Bah.
  15. Ripwise

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    Dec 25, 2010
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    Winning or losing is normal. Even with best fighters you can lose with right tactics attackers/defenders utilize. Thats why there is always next battle :D
  16. Duke Vincer

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    How can you get into a Fort War? I am always there, in communication, placed on map, and never allowed to participate--essentially I am kicked. I know that I am new, but what gives? Why are we newer players not allowed to participate?

    Yeah, asked for rank, did not receive it. I don't have time to waste if this is the norm. Seems like its a special club and the rest of us are left out.

    Discussion in our town and alliance focuses on the fact in my world their are two very large alliances duking it out. they make sure only "their" people participate. Very demoralizing for those of us not in either alliance.
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  17. futurama1001

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    Feb 28, 2010
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    That's just the way it works, I'm afraid. If a battle is overfilled and you're a low level from outside the one of the major alliances, the rankers will typically choose the players they feel will give them the best chance of winning. The best thing you can do is to concentrate on levelling up and getting some decent clothes and a good fort gun. I won't tell you to join a major alliance. The amount of active players in-game nowadays no longer allows for rankers to have the liberty of being picky with who they allow into their battles. As long as your gun and HP are sufficient and you're online, your alliance status probably won't count against you (unless perhaps you're trying to fight alongside a damage whoring town or one of those alliances who gives preference based on nationality, but those players aren't worth your time anyway).

    In the meantime, I suggest you pay attention to the size of the fort battle that you're joining. Chances are you'll never get into a small fort at a low level as they only take 50 attackers and 42 defenders, and it's easy to get that amount of fighters to a battle. Depending on your world, you might be able to get into mediums fairly often (100 attackers and 84 defenders), but I would recommend you watch for large battles and register for those. None of the worlds can regularly fill a large fort, especially not in attack, and the chances are that several players no higher level than you are getting in offline. You probably won't last more than a few hits once you get into a battle, but you'll be able to learn the basics so that you'll already be an effective fighter by the time your HP and gun are up to scratch.
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  18. yamom1

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    Nov 13, 2015
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  19. Gritsome

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    Aug 29, 2014
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    how do you dig the hatchet to start a ff? do you need to be a certain lvl, or town leader?
  20. Pnevma

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    Dec 9, 2014
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    You do need to be a town leader (council or founder) and be at the fort location.
    You also need some cash in the town treasury