Hall of Fame


could be the hall of fame with somthing in relation with the forts..


I thought it could be something to do with forts aswell... But whatever it is, we'll just have to wait and find out.


Something with forts ,duels...workers ...we ll see.

When the update with forts come..

Jack Beauregard

Unless the dev's announcement is not true, it has definitely nothing to do with forts.
And why would they announce wrong facts?!?


What Jack is saying is they announced players who are L 99 will get on the Hall of Fame, but what I think Jack is overlooking is that they can surely expand the Hall of Fame to include more categories if they desire.

The problem they have is that they need to put in categories that haven't been reached yet (cause they can't backdate) or categories that change and aren't always obvious or easy to figure out.

IE: They might have a category for players who reach duel level 200 (I don't think anyone has accomplished that feat on any world.) And they might create categories that change like biggest hit and most damage done in a duel or most duel wins or best duel win percentage.

Why put in an entire game item like that just to show us the first 5 people to reach L 99 ... doesn't make sense IMO.


it would be plain boring if the Hall displayed just the top 5 to reach l 99


This is probably a completely stupid question, but how do you get into the Hall of Fame? Not actually get entered on it, but look at it, I mean. I click on the Hall of Fame thingy & all I get is a pretty picture ;)


I do not think they have placed this here for the first person to reach level 99, because well that's pointless! This i suppose is another one of those little mysteries! We will find out what its purpose is when someone is one it, but until then sit back and relax!


it is placed exactly for the lvl 99 'ers. says so in the german forums


Well i certainly hope they expand the hall of fame because well to level 99 and be in the hall of fame is boring! I agree with everyone else they should have duel related awards in the hall of fame!