Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by kroesus, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Jord456215

    Jord456215 Guest

    Wild Runner your right there but how would you determain the best adventurer???

    Builder would be how many building points they had received!
    Dueler and solider would be ther same!
  2. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    one who has earned the most money?
  3. zoanthid

    zoanthid Guest

    I guess if the game is keeping track of how much everyone has earned it could be based on that.
  4. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    or the person wjo has most xp from jobs
  5. BlackCat

    BlackCat Guest

    i was thinking on terms of like, maybe the hall of fame is sort of a personal thing ... something like it will record some achievements made by you in the game ..

    something like you reach 500 duels and u get a trophy for that ..

    only guessing though .. :) oh btw i thought soo cause i cant seem to view neone else's hall of fame :S or maybe i did but it looks the same .. lool..
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  6. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    the game already shows when u win 500 duels, or any no of duels for that matter
  7. kourtembeu

    kourtembeu Guest

    Check the idea of Hall of Fame AGAIN........

    If the all idea of the Hall of Fame was only for the 99lvl's.......:sad: all the other players of the west what we must say ?

    Come on guys...this is the worst idea ever !!

    Take some ideas for the Hall of Fame ....

    The first 3 of duelers
    The first 3 of Builders....advent and soldiers.
    The first 3 towns.
    The best duel ever...

    This is a real Hall of Fame...

    Change it now !!!

  8. nakshtrap

    nakshtrap Guest

    first 3 duelers or soldiers r already shown, as r the top towns

    but we want advent and builders