Fort Battles

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Nice job there with the 8 KO's

KO's really make a big difference in the exp gained. I personally think they are weighed way too heavily.


thx m8. that was fun
also today in the previous battle I gain 1127 exp with 5 ko's.:)
my best exp day:)


I agree too I would think that damage inflicted and shots landed (#hits) would be weighed more heavily than KOs, since a KO just means you shot at the guy for his last bit of health...

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I officially LOVE fort battles


One Armed Ninja

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Shush, I barely made it out of that one alive - anyway Thetaguru has more reason to be angry at me, I shot him 4 times and got the KO.

Nor did I WIldman :D
I'm just thankful Tuxedo missed his last shot...


Well you were all shooting at me at the end. So fine, Hope you got a nice goodie from the battle as I am now tucked into my nice featherbed sleeping the day away.


The defense was destined to lose from the start. positioned terribly, more than half were offline, etc...

Those guys weren't exactly great players. The leader got banned before the battle started. lol

I got 497 exp, which is alright.

Now i get to sleep in a lvl 2 hotel :)


I wasnt even able to actively take part got 500 xp and still have full health (Result!!)


Tuxedo missed?!?!?!

That's odd. My experience with him as always been over 1000 damage on each side, and I have 107 tactics and 160 dodge. Forget that if you wanna ever attack me though, because it's a total lie. :unsure:



dude, where's my item? lol

All that hard work to survive and got nothing


it was a great battle at fort bliss. Made 16 hits and 2 KO's

XP: 1155 Experience points.
Your guardian angel had a rather hard job today ... You lose 864 health points.

And no item....


Had a problem where a player who had signed up for a battle and positioned herself - two hours before the start - only to find she missed out. I don't think there were the full 120 players in the defence and she was a member of one of the fort's towns, so should automatically have been given preference.

Anyone else had this happen?
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