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Posting this on April Fools day when players have been wanting improvements and a roadmap, goes beyond good taste of a joke and to the edge of inappropriate.

"In less than a month, The West will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, which we want to celebrate extensively. To show that it will continue after that, we want to present you the five-year plan, the Roadmap 2023-2027"

Especially after last year's debacle of the birthday event using a speed server instead of giving a bonus in the regular worlds, to joke around about the "celebrate extensively", I just hope that this year you all don't make the same mistake.

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lmao :D was going to stop posting but this one .. kudo's to inno for newfound humour and creativity!! :D

lol luv'd one about week long round 1 in batle, running to tell helen she has time to rumglomp all in ff chat prior to start and pfffttt .. i dont have money to take up to 2M in alot of newer worlds so who's laughing now :D Pays to be slacker!!

.. claps - well done inno and happy Apr1. this did make giggle


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what about using nuggets so you can farm at the curfew secretly :D?
we can do 1k ticket listings no problem :p
"In addition, the duel level will be eliminated without replacement. You will be able to duel opponents of your level +-25 level"

That should be a real thing, no joke. Maybe at the lower levels, it's condensed a bit +/-5, but at 150 and especially above, it can be widened to +/-25

Bad Billy Jack

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The beta version was different but just as funny! April Fools! Especially love the cannot log in between 11 & 7 cuz billy is OLD


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No achievement for getting banned? :confused:

  • In addition, all players will be stripped of 35% of their current dollar supply, with a minimum of $2,000,000. If players get into debt as a result, they can easily pay it off by selling items and doing jobs.
So, if we spend money before the update, we will lose max 2M $ ?
About new players who joined recently , would it be fair? I think they would quit if the start playing with debt....
This reminds me of Capital Controls in Greece , some years ago :)

Economic catastrophe in RL , economic catastrophe in game too.... don't let us forget our RL problems :rolleyes:

*Wouldn't the "inflation" problem be solved easier by increasing the income from all activities / jobs etc ?
And maybe gradually, in a period of 1 year, every 1 month?


In order to guarantee a good sleeping rhythm with the advancing age of the player community, there will be a curfew between 11pm and 7am. At this time you will be automatically sent to the hotel and will not be able to log into the game.

-> Server time or local time? cause for some people , it will ruin their game :D
Why sent in hotel and not be able to put 1 hour works?

And wouldn't it be better, to give each player a 16hours daily time limit and that player can use that daily time how he/she wants?


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Haha april fools you guys are so funny you made every 8yo in europe laugh very hard.

The biggest joke in the post though is that you have a plan for this game, not going to lie, it even made me laugh a bit.
The post was made on 31 March , not 1st April though....
So we don't get better Adventures and Fort Battles? :(


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i think posting a fake roadmap after constantly asking for one for years is just plain disrespectful...nothing less from inno i guess
That's the best part of this joke, cuz you never gonna see the whole roadmap, but when pieces come to live servers one by one, the content will be ridiculous :p


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Gold Digger Get 10000 nuggets through the login bonus.
Calling free 2 play players gold diggers, that's the last straw.

I know its April fools but there is always some truth lays in these lies :p

Edit: Guess this is how innogames truly feels about free2play players.
I was looking forward an announcement on 1st of April... the curfew is a great idea! to save the children's sanity!
I love the new achievements. But you show so many funny changes... have you saved any ideas for next year?! :D :p