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Why had she responded to this letter? The old mental healer would have said she wanted to reconnect with humanity after such a long absence. Her old instructor would have said she desired more training with something that could hit back intelligently. Though Akana had a nonstandard dueling weapon, she had becone very proficient in using it, only relying on her command of the wind occasionally. The challenge of a new master duelist was one of the few things that drew Akana out of her solitude. Now, though, what sent Akana flying through the trees was a note, compelling her to the clearing with no known reason for this driving force.

Arriving at the boundary to the clearing, Akana was disappointed to see that the clearing had only one entrance. Of course Akana didn't want to enter through the main entrance, that would be exactly what they were expecting. No, Akana would scout first. See who was there before entering. Hanging her wide brimmed floppy fedora on a nearby branch and ordering it to stay, Akana traversed around the circle until she was on the east side.

Peering from some stubborn foliage, Akana peered into the clearing and watched for a few minutes. Sitting around a table carved out of a single piece of wood were six people, the tree next to them dangling tempting apples, which reminded Akana that she hadn't eaten in a while. Two wwomen and four men around the table. Not the greatest odds for a duelist, but possible for Akana to take on. One woman was bubbly to the point of annoyance, the other was thankfully not caring about the ithers. One man, a knight, was friendly to the others, another, appearing almost to have been descended from the Nostrum district, was also friendly, shaking annoying girl's hand. Another man sat with an ax and no shirt, not caring about the decreasing temperature. Akana pulled her jacket slightly tighter at the prompt her thought brought along. The last man appeared to be anticipating an attack, keeping his hand on a strange knife.

Satisfied with her scouting, Akana jumped back to her fedora and placed it on her head. Drawing the strap tight against her head, Akana prepared to enter the clearing. Taking a few deep breaths, Akana jumped into the air, the wind she commanded propelling her high above the trees. When her arc brought her over the tree, she reversed the thrust of the wind and propelled straight down. Before hitting the ground, Akana created a cushion, allowing her to float the last few feet to the ground. Akana didn't summon her weapon, but she was facing the group, waiting for one of them to make a move (hopefully the bubbly girl) that would allow her to defend herself.


Emdi turned her attention toward the man who addressed her, and it took her a few moments to place him. A smile cracked her otherwise emotionless expression and she nodded. She said, "Indeed Kaiden. Please forgive my memory. Over two hundred years ago, if I'm not mistaken. Not bad for an old woman's memory. Interesting that we have both received a missive. Things seem to fall into place a bit more now."

Emdi stood up, and moved over to the empty seat beside Kaiden and sat upon it. She offered her hand, and turned her attention toward the newest arrival. She frowned only slightly, before returning her attention to Kaiden as her expression became neutral once again.


Wallace Smiled at Iatairris and looked at his armor. "Well, Iatarris, I don't really notice my my armor's weight anymore. I guess I'm just used to it." Shrugging as best he could in the armor. Wallace slowly takes his helmet from the table as another newcomer jumps over the trees and lands a bit off from the group. The woman, though her weapons wasn't out, (Which doesn't really mean much judging from the group) was clearly ready for a fight.

"Hello stranger, I'm Wallace the Grey Knight. I assume you are here for the same reason we are, following a summons from the mysterious G person." Wallace says standing up, with his helmet under his arm. "I have no quarrel with you but if you wish to fight and kill some time for our mystery person to appear then I would at least have your name before we start."
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Over the course of the next few minutes four more people arrived, an incredibly annoying bubbly mage type who looked about twelve, who proceeded to converse with everybody and nobody all at once. After her came a large knight dressed all in grey armour, who introduced himself as Wallace, adding the imaginative title of 'the Grey Knight', also speaking, asking questions. Not long later another woman arrived, this one the polar opposite of the former, sitting motionless at the table until the man with the bow (who had introduced himself to the mage Iatairiss as Kaiden) spoke and named the woman as Emdi.
Lastly a strange looking woman suddenly leaped from the treetops into the clearing, standing in a dueling stance facing them, evidently waiting for movement.
Wallace stood up and spoke;
"Hello stranger, I'm Wallace the Grey Knight. I assume you are here for the same reason we are, following a summons from the mysterious G person. I have no quarrel with you but if you wish to fight and kill some time for our mystery person to appear then I would at least have your name before we start."
Arkadi rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair, though he did not take his hand off his kukri. Even after all (except the barbarian) had introduced themselves, he was none the wiser; their names were all strange and unfamiliar, even to a traveller such as he was.
For the first time he spoke aloud. His voice was coarse and rough, though not very loud. "Grey Knight, and newcomer, whoever you are, if I were you I would not bother wasting time playing at fighting. For all we know this could still be a trap for any or all of us, and if so isn't it better to stick together and stay alert rather than playing like children?"
Nearly forgetting, he finished by introducing himself. "By the way, my name is Arkadi Dart, you may have heard of me, you may not, either way I care not."

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"Two hundred… has it really been that long?" Kaiden replies in a mildly surprised tone of voice as Emdi moved around the table to sit beside him and shaking the proffered hand warmly "I did indeed receive a letter...whoever this...G...is, they have gone to a lot of trouble in getting so many of the Undying to come to this place" his hand moving to encompass the entire clearing as he spoke feeling a little more comfortable now that someone he knew was at the meeting.
It was as this thought was mulling around within his head that the woman leaped into the centre of the clearing obviously ready for a fight even if her weapon wasn’t drawn. Having been warned in advance of her coming by the whispering voices of the forest Kaiden showed no surprise to her sudden arrival with not even his eyes dropping towards the bow let alone his hands "Arkadi here is right, there is no need to fight one another...there is no trap here" he spoke confidently, knowing that should it prove otherwise that whoever had been foolish enough to organise it would find themselves with a great deal more trouble than they bargained for.
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Jokir watched from the forest, it had become incredibly clear by now it was not a trap, shadow form would not be necessary, instead he could save his energy for later. He threw his knife into the trees where it vanished into darkness, awaiting his call and he walked out of the trees, in the shadows, nearly invisible to the naked eye before coming to the end and stepping out. "I assume we must have all received the same summons?" He asked, politely, "If the last hundred years or so has taught me anything, it is that if the organiser wanted us dead he would have done it a while back if he was any good, if he isn't then we shouldn't be worried." His piece said, Jokir lapsed back into silence.


Unfortunately, the bubbly girl didn't attack. In fact, none of them did. Annoyingly, the stone covered man, calling himself the grey knight (probably didn't earn that title), introduced himself, and offering to fight. A mockery of dueling! A heavy knight, unable to move faster than a slug. Also, with the wind backing her attacks, she would be able to break that stone before he even knew what happened. The man with the strange knife introduced himself as Arkadi, stating he didn't care if she knew his name or not. Akana believed that the fact that he said he didn't care meant he did care. Either way, Akana had not heard of the name. Another, the the Nostrum man, stated something about traps. A newcomer, throwing his knife into a tree (idiot), thought that whoever organised them didn't want them dead because they weren't already. Akana thought this was stupid logic, but didn't argue it. Why should she?

After a few moments of silence, Akana relaxed her stance, and leaned back against the apple tree. Ignoring the hunger her brain insisted on reminding her of, Akana thought of how to respond to these people. They all spoke the same language, similar to the words the former people of the Middle Lands district spoke, though each person had slightly different ways of saying the words. Akana didn't know where any of their speech patterns came from, but she could tell that they were not from the same area. Since her name wasn't in the Middle Lands language, Akana thought that it would be best to translate it, and speak all her words in the Middle Lands language. No need to confuse them with her home village's language, a former pidgin that evolved into a language of its own right over the nearly 800 years since the Fall. "I am Red," Akana spoke to the group. Really, Akana translated to Middle Lands as deep red, but red was enough. "I am not here to fight, like ye, I was summoned by G." Akana waited for something to happen, hoping that she could avoid more talking.

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"I can't believe you don't feel that…it looks soooooo heavy!" Iatairris exclaimed as Wallace responded to her query. The Grey Knight then turned towards a newcomer as she leapt into the area and adopted a fighting stance. Wallace offered to fight her, but then one of those who hadn't spoken yet advised against it, which the energetic girl was grateful for…she didn't want to fight anyone in the group. She then picked up on something that Kaiden said. "We're not undying, silly! We're just young! In the prime of our life, you know? We'll die eventually, but not for a while if we eat well, exercise regularly, and get our rest! People can't cheat death, that's impossible!" Despite her contradictory words, her tone was still as friendly as ever.


The tension in the air wound down as Kaiden agreed that fighting would be stupid.
However Arkadi's eyes were diverted as a familiar figure strode out of the treeline; Jokir, an Undying assassin who Arkadi knew professionally.

"I assume we must have all received the same summons? If the last hundred years or so has taught me anything, it is that if the organiser wanted us dead he would have done it a while back if he was any good, if he isn't then we shouldn't be worried."
"Jokir!" Akradi called out. "How are you? Your reasoning is as bad as ever, but that tree over there would say that your aim makes up for it."
Then the strange woman spoke again, in an equally strange accent.
"I am Red, I am not here to fight, like ye, I was summoned by G." So she was named after a colour aye? Curious, this was an Undying that Arkadi hadn't heard of.
Suddenly the stupid mage responded to something said by Kaiden. "We're not undying, silly! We're just young! In the prime of our life, you know? We'll die eventually, but not for a while if we eat well, exercise regularly, and get our rest! People can't cheat death, that's impossible!" Arkadi ground his teeth and played his fingers upon the hilt of his Kukri. If it were not for the presence of the others he would have attacked her right there. He twisted his head to look directly at her. "Of course, its' very well for you to say that, but you've only just stopped sucking on your mother's teat haven't you? Let's see whether you sing the same song when you are as old as the rest of us." This girl was a fool, she would have to be paid a lesson, but not now, later, but before she could endanger them.


Jokir smiled as Arkadi called out, "I spotted you friend, I hope you merge with the shadows better than before." He replied with a grin.

He snorted as the girl spoke, her naivety showing. "Arkadi!" he snapped at the man. "You had no idea when we first met, do not be so quick to judge others." He sighed and turned to the girl, she was full of life, which was good, she was therefore probably quite young, he had noticed that people tended to get quieter as they got older. "Girl, I am soon to be 150 years old, I would guess that I am not the oldest, it appears that one of our gifts is eternal youth so to speak, but bear in mind that we are not immortal, I have seen our kind felled in battle."

That had been a bad day, one of his group that he worked with for the first fifty years, a failed ambush, he had died, Jokir had stopped working with the group shortly afterwards, he avoided relationships with people, if you didn't have feelings for people, then they couldn't be hurt.


Emdi turned her attention back toward the exuberant, and, as it turned out, extremely young girl. She watched one of the swarthier types bark at her about being naive, and, while she agreed, thought the observation was inappropriate. They had all been young once, and some few didn't know much about what they were. She returned her attention to Kaiden and watched his reactions to those around them. He was some hundred or so years her senior, and though they had different paths in life, she saw a great deal of similarities in life outlook with him; it helped that she was familiar with him as well.

Emdi lowered her head slightly, and closed her eyes as she centered herself. She had no idea how long they were going to sit in the clearing, who they were still waiting on, and she had things to focus on that were not those around her. Since they were together again, she could catch up with Kaiden later. For now, she contented herself with mentally reviewing her mantras that she had neglected to arrive at this destination in time.


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Having awoken early that morning to go foraging for food in preparation for the upcoming week, Gemina dropped her basketful of berries and gasped in surprise, spilling ripe blackberries across the ground, when she beheld a group of strange men and women grouped into the glade that was, and had been her home for about three centuries now... Who could these people, who had converged so intrusively on her doorstep, be...? Of course, these were the people that she had sent the letters to. How else would anyone have found the secret clearing, hidden so well into this dark section of the forest that easily? She would have to deal with the berries later... As for now, well, he had said to test them, not too brutally, but harshly enough... Just to gauge if they were really up to it, and if they could work together as a team... Right... Her, on her own against a group of Arína, of whom she had no clue of their capabilities... Well, he had told her to, so she might as well give it a go...


The sudden appearance of a lone woman attracted the full attention of the group. With long, scraggly, chestnut coloured hair hanging loosely below her shoulders, blue eyes and a slender build, she would have been considered an attractive woman, if not for her long, hooked nose, which marred her appearance in a rather damaging way. Her array consists of a rather long sky blue coat, falling to just above her knees, fastened with a belt around the waist. She wears outdoorsy trousers complete with a set of boots. She also wears a pair of black gloves. The woman had seemed surprised at the sudden appearance of a group of strangers, and in her surprise, had dropped the basket of blackberries she had been carrying, spilling them all over the floor. She had however, for whatever reason, not decided to pick them up. Eyeing them with a quizzical look, she brushes back her hair before speaking. “Well...hello there everyone... I see that you received my letters... I am Gemina. Anyway, enough of the small talk...For now, we have more pressing matters to attend to.” With that sentence, Gemina smiled and stretched out her hand, summoning forth a deadly-looking scythe; the long support/handle decorated in sky blue, and the blade a pure white. “Hmph.” Gemina frowned. “For causing me to spill my blackberries, you will all perish! Oh, this will be so much fun!” Gemina laughed, then extended her scythe outwards in a battle stance, her face growing serious.


Enemy File:

No. Of Enemies: 1
Name/s of Enemy/Enemies: Gemina
Species: Human
Weapon: Scythe
Ambition: Unknown
Battle Area: The Forest Glade

[spoil] The scythe (With different colours) http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/051/7/7/3d_marluxia__s_scythe_saber_by_drachegott-d3a13jw.jpg [/spoil]


Upon seeing that the woman had no further intention of fighting with them Kaiden leant back in his chair and silently watched as the others talked with one another learning that the woman's name was Red just as a man he vaguely recognised entered the clearing discarding his weapon as he did so. A strange thing to do in Kaiden's opinion as nobody else had disarmed and were in fact openly displaying their weaponry making the move risky.
Upon hearing Iatairris' exclamation Kaiden gives the girl an alarmed expression as he came to the realisation of what it meant good gods she doesn't know does she? Hearing the harsh and unnecessarily cruel reply given by Arkadi, Kaiden briefly glares at the man before turning his attention to Jokir as he spoke; the name and voice sparking the memory of a campfire being shared long ago ending with the two men going their separate ways the following morning.
Anxiously waiting to see how the girl would take this particular revelation Kaiden turns his head to speak with Emdi, his voice kept low so as not to be overheard by the others "Tell me...when you learnt of your immortality, how did you take it? because I didn't take it very well at all" which considering he'd spent the better part of three years wandering the forest trying to deny everything that he was and even actively resisting it was a bit of an understatement "...we may need to keep an eye on her...just in case"
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Jokir stared at the woman as she entered. A challenge it seemed, "Arkadi, we shall settle this discussion at a later date." he called out, "It appears we have a challenge." His shadow swirled and flipped up into the air solidifying into his knife which he caught with ease. "Well..." He sighed and appeared to relax, a second later the knife flew out of his hand aimed directly at the girl's throat. The blade would not do much damage, however, it severely weaken her and would serve as a distraction whilst others prepared for combat.


(It's not stone armor it is steel and unless stated otherwise Wallace has his weapons de-summoned)

After Wallace's challenge a few people trying to dissuade the duel, Wallace ignored them and watched the woman waiting for her answer. After a minute of standing in a readied stance the woman relaxed and lent against a tree. Letting out a sight of dissapointment Wallace heard the woman introduce herself as Red and stated she didn't want to fight him. "Very well if you don't wish to agree to my challenge there is nothing I can do." He states with disappointment before once again making a chair creek under his weight.
Wallace listlessly listened to the conversation taking little but names he didn't know, all the while listening out for the noise of another approach to get over this dull waiting.

'Hearing' movement Wallace turned towards another approacher, another woman this time holding a basket of what looked like fruits. Upon noticing the group the woman dropped her basket in shock and looked at them quizzically. She introduced herself as the G, Gemina and declares she is going to kill the group. Wallace, who had stood up as soon as he saw the newcomer drop the basket. Stares dumbfounded at her for a few seconds before shrugging, putting on his helmet and summoning his hammer and shield. "Well that's a unusual reason to want to fight some one but... I, Wallace the Grey Knight, accept your challenge!" Saying that he slowly approaches her staying in a defensive position as she might be stronger than she looked.


Jax had been silent for the most part, observing the people in the clearing. Many came an armored man, two girls, one who appeared to be too young to be here as sh exclaimed everything. For the most part Jax listened, his hand still on the axe's, some of them knew each other from the past, one man scolded the young girl, Iatarris for being naive. Although he agreed with him Jax shook his head. While they were talking it appeared a new member had joined, although he could not see who it was, they dropped something. Turning around he saw it was but a girl, “Well...hello there everyone... I see that you received my letters... I am Gemina. Anyway, enough of the small talk...For now, we have more pressing matters to attend to.” With that , a scythe materialized to her hand, just like his axe would. “For causing me to spill my blackberries, you will all perish! Oh, this will be so much fun!” the woman laughed, then extended her scythe outwards in a battle stance, her face growing serious. Blackberries, that's what dropped.
The first to react was "Jokir", by throwing a dagger aimed for the throat, then the "gray knight". A man who wore heavy armor that Jax doubted he was agile. Grabbing his axe, he twirled it around as he turned around and faced the woman. Due to his seating, he was the closest one to her. His face was expressionless, just as it had been the entire time since he sat. He took a moment to stare directly at the girl, she had deep blue eyes. He began his attack, his axe held in one hand, he began jogging towards the girl. This wasn't like fighting town guards, that scythe was long, which meant he had to get in close. As he neared her, he jumped to the left then turned on his heels, in a crouching position, swinging for her feet.


Bubbly girl didn't know she was immortal. That was almost funny, if Akana hadn't gone through the same thing when she was that young. The one with the strange knife must have forgotten that he too was young once; or he was just naturally violent. He all but attacked Bubbly. Akana made a note to watch out for him. The grey moron was annoyed that Akana didn't want to fight him. Why should she? He was a wide open target.

It was then that a woman with a hooked nose and a spilled basket appeared. She claimed that she was the one who had sent the letters, yet introduced herself as Jemina. G and J were not the same letter. Before Akana could ask her about this, Jemina suddenly changed personalities. Jemina pulled out a scythe (another Arína) and threatened to kill them all for spilling her blackberries, claiming that it would be fun. Akana didn't know how killing was fun, it never was for her, but self defence was a necessary part of life. As others began attacking, Akana took her hat and jacket off, placing them on a tree branch. She summoned her sword, and after inwardly scoffing at the grey moron (why so wordy and maybe a bit haughty), jumped into the air, the wind letting her land behind Jemina. "Why you do not your blueberries retrieve, I know not," Akana stated. "Put away the scythe, and pick up the blueberries. I cannot your life, if you listen not, guarantee."

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Iatairris gaped at Arkadi as he implied he was far older than she was, when that clearly wasn't true. She was opening her mouth to say as much when Jokir told him off, then kindly told her that he was 150 years old. She started to giggle at the joke, but the completely serious face that the man was able to keep told her that he wasn't kidding…he truly was that old, or at least he thought he was. "You're either telling the truth or are crazy enough to believe what you're saying."

She was about to turn to Kaiden to ask him what his thoughts on the matter were, as she thought he was the most trustworthy out of the group from her limited experience with them all when someone came out, said she had called them all here, then promptly told them they had to die for causing her to drop her blackberries. A quick leap over the table and a flash of light was all that was needed to make the transition from sitting and talking to fighting ready. However, something seemed off…though Jokir had thrown his knife and Wallace had readied himself, the only man not to have talked rushing towards her, she hadn't made any move to attack them. The woman who had thought they were there to fight her seemed to recognize that fact as well, asking her to put the scythe down or else she might not survive the fight, something Iatairris silently agreed with. "Yeah, you don't seem exactly eager to fight us," she commented. "Besides, you wouldn't have gathered us all here if you didn't have a reason, right? After all, it's clear we're all skilled to different extents…if you wanted to kill us, far better to do it when we aren't all together…pick us off, one by one. No, you're hiding something…and I'm determined to find out what it is!" She grinned happily at having figured out this strange situation, her staff vanishing again as there was no real threat here.


Jokir rolled his eyes as two of the women refused to fight. "It's a test." He said, sounding exasperated, "She's clearly testing our abilities. If you can not see that then clearly you are not very observant."


Arkadi shrugged as he was rebuked by Jokir, who then proceeded to tell the girl the facts, that she was an Undying, though not as old as the rest of them.
Then, a strange thing happened. An odd-looking young woman marched into the clearing and declared that she was Gemina, and she was the one who had sent the letters using the terribly imaginative pseudonym of 'G'. Suddenly the girl pulled out a scythe and shouted that they would pay for making her spill her blackberries.
As Jokir, Wallace, the anonymous barbarian and Red all leapt to the attack, Arkadi leaned back in his chair and rolled his eyes, he had no time for games, and besides, duelling wasn't his thing. Pulling out his kukri he began to play with it, making it dance across his palms and back and forth through the air in varying circles.
Meanwhile Red had cornered 'G", and Iatairris blurted out something loudly and ineffectually. Jokir rebuked her for stating the obvious.
This was ridiculous, he had far better things he could do with this time, he had rebuked his contract with the Shadowborn Fleet of the East to come here, and seemingly for nout.