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Fathomless Sunset


The wooden steps creaked eerily as Mezonas rushed up the stairs with Elera close at his heels. They had to sound the warning bell before the whole town was caught unawares at the sudden attack. Are we close to the top yet? Elera shouted via the mental link that whisked across their thoughts. The link came as a result of being partners in Arína. I think so... Maybe a bit further...I’ll need your help once we’re at the top to ring the bell. It’s too heavy for me to ring on my own you know? Mezonas smiled. He knew that wherever he was, he’d always be able to count on Elera. When everyone else would desert him, she would always be there to comfort him and help him. That was what made their bond special. The blowing wind crashed against Mezonas’ face as he bounded up the last few steps of the large castle’s central keep and out onto the paved balcony that commanded a view across the entire area and housed the town’s alarm bell. He had only been up here on one past occasion, and that was to ring the bell himself for a ceremony to commend the newest members of the Arína on their transition to becoming fully fledged Arína warriors. That had been a long time ago, and now they were here to warn the town of the imminent approach of a large force of who knew what that was approaching the town gate at a steady march. At the sound of panting behind him, he whirled around, only to come face to face with Elera, who had just reached the top of the long, twisting staircase. Are you ok? He asked her. Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s get this bell ringing already! She raced forward towards the large brass bell, which hung from a thick beam held up by two solid, wooden pillars. Picking up one of the hammers which lay below the bell; she paused, and then with all her force, started hammering the bell at a steady beat. Mezonas joined her, and soon the bell was working at full force, sending a deafening ring reverberating off of all the town’s buildings below. Soon, the whole town would become a hive of anxious activity as everyone tried to discover the source of the commotion. From his perch high up above the town, Mezonas could see the heavy, iron-clad gates being closed tightly shut in anticipation for the inevitable attack.

Satisfied that they had done their work properly, they both stopped ringing the bell and proceeded to run back down the staircase as fast as the narrow steps would allow them to. Once at the bottom, they ran with speed to the heavily fortified battlements of the castle, where they knew Lord Oracle, the leader of their order, would be surveying the approaching force with intense scrutiny. As they stepped onto the ramparts, Mezonas spotted Lord Oracle standing stiffly with his pale green half spear, half hammer weapon commonly known about the Arína as the ‘Probehammer,' in his right hand. He turned to face them at the sound of their rapid approach. His black hair curled in tight locks over his head, and his dark green eyes showed signs of his great age. Since he had been chosen as their leader 200 years ago, long before Mezonas had been born, he had led their order with an extraordinary efficiency that not many could have hoped to match. “In all the years of my life, this is the first time I have ever had to defend our town from an invading force.” He stated calmly as the duo stopped in front of him. “Who are they Master?” Elera asked questioningly. Lord Oracle sighed. “I cannot tell Elera. They look as human as anyone else in this town as far as I can tell. Rather, where they come from is what intrigues me.” Mezonas looked out toward the still-distant force. They all seemed to be wearing the same dull-coloured armour, apart from the person at the head of the army, who from what Mezonas could tell, was wearing a full suit of armour and a helmet clad with a tunic of bright orange hanging loosely from his shoulders. Who could he be I wonder? He knew that Elera was thinking exactly the same thing as him at that moment. “I think I know who that could be.” Lord Oracle stated simply, guessing what they were both thinking. “Who Master?” Mezonas asked, fear itching into his voice without his consent. He had never fought in a proper battle before in all his life. For all his years of constant training, he had never faced a true foe that was out to destroy him. “I believe it to be Yeltzoa. You know the name do you not Mezonas?” Memories rushed into Mezonas’ mind as he remembered the olive-skinned youth with whom he had been so familiar. Yeltzoa had always been displeased with the way the order was run, and that had led to his eventual flight from the town, before he had come of age to gain a mind partner. He hadn’t escaped without a struggle though. Before he had managed to escape, he had been forced to fight Lord Oracle in the main square of the town. Lord Oracle had managed to injure him that day, his Probehammer coming crashing down on Yeltzoa’s left arm, rendering it useless. That had been too much for Yeltzoa, so he had summoned the remainder of his strength and using his power over dust, had turned the entire town into a dust storm, allowing him to escape without further injury. ‘I always wondered if he would return someday...’ Elera said across their mental link. ‘He must be extremely confident in his abilities to have the courage to return...and bringing an army with him too.’ ‘Of course he must.’ “You and Elera will stay here to defend the keep should they manage to defeat our main force at the gate.” Lord Oracle said. “What of you Master?” Elera asked her concern for her leader obvious in her voice. “I will also stay at the castle. I will send the majority of the Arína out to fight the invading army along with the rest of the common town army, but I will keep a small force of two Arína pairs here, along with myself and Sabrina. We will be the last defensive resort. Ramaculdi will lead the force at the gate.” Mezonas sighed. This would all be over soon enough. He gave Elera a quick smile, trying to show that he wasn’t at all scared, though the reality was quite the opposite. ‘I trust in you Mezonas. Together, we will never fail.’ ‘You know how I feel Elera’ Mezonas smiled back at her. Lord Oracle seemed to sense that the two of them were getting rather intimate, so he took the opportunity to announce. “I will go to organise the Arína into battle now. Another pair will join you up here soon enough. Remember the most important Arína lesson: It is through the union of your partner and yourself that your greatest strength lies.“ “Thank you Master. We will await your return eagerly.” Mezonas said. Lord Oracle walked back down the rampart stairs towards the keep, leaving Mezonas and Elera alone together. Mezonas stepped forward and cupped her face with his hands, kissing her gently. ‘Stop that. Anyone can see us up here!’ Elera pulled away, gazing cheekily at him. ‘Now all we can do is wait...’

3 Hours Later

A ripping sound shattered the air, followed by the noise of crashing boulders. Mezonas jerked upright from his sitting position. He quickly switched his gaze to where the invading force had converged on the town gate. Mezonas stood there dumbfounded by what he was seeing. Where there had been a gate but two hours before was now a massive gaping hole in the wall. The invading army looked as if it was brushing aside the remainder of the forces at the gate that hadn’t been crushed in the initial force of the blast. They were falling like flies. Elera had a similarly shocked expression on her face to Mezonas’ left. Lord Oracle approached them with Sabrina, his partner, at his side, and the other Arína pair trailing them. “I fear that the town is lost my friends, but we will fight to defend our keep nevertheless. I have dispatched a messenger to tell the rest of the town folk to flee towards The Dark Forest. We will NOT leave our keep for those fiends to just walk in! We will give them a fight to remember. Let us vanquish as many of them as is within our power!” Lord Oracle held his head high, no fear showing in his ancient eyes. Mezonas admired the man for his unwavering courage, even in this hopeless hour.

The six of them made their way down into the castle courtyard and positioned themselves a way behind the gate; so as to avoid being crushed by the boulders which would inevitably crash everywhere should Yeltzoa decide to use his dark powers again.

They waited in the courtyard for what seemed like hours, when the gravity of their situation suddenly dawned on him. “Master...” He addressed Lord Oracle. “If all should fail and only one of us remain, then what should they do?” Lord Oracle hesitated, and then answered. “If future generations of Arína are to rise up, then they will need a teacher. You are all wise and capable enough to teach new Arína members what is needed become a true Arínaleca. If there is only one of us left, then he or she MUST flee. Do you all understand?” “Yes, Master.” They all responded. ‘Elera’ Mezonas said; the word balanced with the weight of a thousand rocks on it. ‘Yes, my partner of heart?’ ‘Whatever happens, I will always love you.’ ‘I know; and I likewise.’ They embraced, oblivious to the fact that that would be the last time they would ever embrace each other. After a few moments, they separated. Mezonas looked at Elera with a hard look in his eyes. ‘Now is the time.’

Another blast shattered the air, thought this time, it was much nearer. The invading force did not appear through the gaping hole left in the outer wall of the castle, rather only Yeltzoa and 10 of his fiends stepped inside. “Ah, how I have longed to take possession of this keep.“ He said, his voice tainted with the signs of madness. From his position at the back of the courtyard, Mezonas clasped Elera’s hand tightly, as Lord Oracle and Sabrina stepped forward to face Yeltzoa. Lord Oracle held his hand out and summoned forth his Probehammer, pointing it at Yeltzoa. A look a fear suddenly shined in Yeltzoa’s eyes, as he remembered the weapon which had rendered his left arm useless, but it quickly disappeared, leaving cockiness in its stead. “Oracle, we meet again.” He said, ignoring the 5 others in the courtyard. “I will defeat you, and destroy the rest of your puny group afterwards. I will face you alone first, and then we will...DEAL with the rest.” Yeltozoa’s fiends quickly formed a semicircle around the two Arína, leaving the rest of the circle to be completed by the two other pairs, and Sabrina. They circled each other for a moment, and then Yeltzoa attacked, wielding his long, narrow sabre-like weapon that glowed orange every time he moved it. Yeltzoa feigned towards Oracle’s left side, before changing at the last moment towards the right and making a cutting motion towards Oracle’s left flank. Anticipating the move, Oracle jumped backwards with lightening speed before hurling his Probehammer at Yeltzoa, causing Yeltzoa to shield himself with his weapon. “You always were fast.” Yeltzoa muttered, as Oracle’s weapon re-appeared in his hand. Then they engaged again. For hours, they battled on, before Yeltzoa finally started to grow angry. Summoning a dust whirlwind, he sent it flying towards Oracle, in an attempt to distract him. This achieved the desired effect. Oracle tried to evade the whirlwind, but before he could do so, he felt a pain in his left side, Yeltzoa stood over him, a look of intense glee on his face. The blow caused Lord Oracle to slump to the floor, exhausted from his efforts. “Remember my orders!” Oracle shouted to the spectators behind him, before fading away into oblivion. Sabrina then tried to engage Yeltzoa, but was quickly dispatched by the traitor.

‘We can’t fight him here Elera! He’ll smother us! We’ve got to get into a confined space. That’s where our water-ice combination will work best.’ ‘Agreed.’The two of them took flight into the keep, leaving the remaining pair to decide their own fate. Yeltzoa shouted after them. “Come back here you cowards!” Mezonas and Elera bounded up the steps to the keep’s upper room three steps at a time. Once at the top, they found themselves in the upper room of the Keep. Now they were trapped. They would either have to defeat whoever would burst into the room, or die. ‘Now is the time to combine our forces Mezonas. Together, we can vanquish an entire army.’ Suddenly, five fiends burst into the room, arranging themselves in a line before Mezonas and Elera. “Give up now. Bow down to Yeltzoa, and we will spare your lives.” The leader of the group hissed. “We will never bow down to your evil leader!” Mezonas shouted. ‘Now, meld your mind with mine and let us end this Elera.’ Holding his hand outstretched, Mezonas summoned forth his iridescent blue, curved, long sword. Elera also summoned her weapon, and together they engaged the group. They quickly gained mastery over the fiends, using their combined strength to freeze and drown them with their respective elements. Suddenly, they heard a deep booming voice rip through the air. “Your path ends here Mezonas.” Yeltzoa materialised in front of them, weapon in hand. ‘How did he do that?’ Mezonas asked. ‘I have no idea... Oh well, lets see how this goes... We do have the advantage of two.’ Mezonas attacked, dodging a small cloud of dust as he struck at Yeltzoa’s right side, while Elera attacked his left side. With a flurry of blows, Yeltzoa had disarmed Mezonas, leaving him with no weapon, but his elemental power, which he couldn’t use with Elera still attacking. ‘Quick, get back! We can meld our elements together!’ Elera stumbled backwards in obedience, losing her footing as she went. That was the mistake that cost her. Yeltzoa seized the opportunity, and slammed his orange blade down on Elera’s head, causing her to fall to the ground. ‘NO! Elera, stay there! I’ll be there in a second!’ Mezonas glared at Yeltzoa, his fury at boiling point. Summoning his whole strength, he paused for a second, and then caused himself to resonate raging water in all directions, drowning the entire room like an ocean. Using the temporary sea to his advantage, he then fired a bolt of water from his palm towards Yeltoza’s chest, knocking him over sprawling. Seeing that he was helpless, Yeltzoa turned and fled down the stairs back to the bottom of the keep. Elera was struggling to keep herself from fading away, so Mezonas released his control over the water, allowing it to empty itself out via the staircase. He ran over to her, seating himself beside her, and gently placing her head on his lap. He stroked her hair, not knowing what to do nor say. He only wished to treasure that last special moment with her. ‘I know this will be hard for you Mezonas...But...you have to go on without me. You are the last one. You have to train up the next generation of Arína, even...without me. I’m sorry for letting you down like this... I...’ ‘You never let me down Elera. I won’t leave you!’ ‘It’s too late Mezo. I am fading. Know this. I treasured every moment we spent together. I always, always...loved you...’ At that last moment, Elera froze in her element form and faded away into icy crystals.


Mezonas groaned as he looked back towards his lost home... Surrounding him were small clumps of bare trees which grew denser and denser the further in you went, eventually transforming into an endless stretch of dark forest. He was the last one...The town folk were already fleeing into the forest, beaten and broken. Cecia Town, once the pride and joy of the people ofLetramenia, had been overrun at long last, after a long struggle. They had fought to the limits of their abilities, but no one could possibly have stopped Yeltzoa and his fiends from achieving their goal. Now he had but one choice, to cast away all hope of returning and flee like a coward into the forest with the rest of the town’s inhabitants... A tear raced down his cheek, as he considered what had happened to him in the past few hours. The one closest to him, the one he loved...had been slain in front of his eyes. That had broken his heart. Holding her dying form in his arms had been the most horrible experience in the entirety of the universe. Never again would he be able to run outside to the fountain and embrace her in the morning before they ate their breakfast... Never again would he be able to hold her hands in his and tell her about his day... Never again would they embrace each other so closely...The love that had sprouted from their partnership had been the greatest thing he had ever, ever experienced! Despair gripped him as he realised that all was lost to him. How short the time had been! 143 years of happiness and peace he had experienced with Elera by his side. Now it had been torn from him so cruelly! What was left but to run away? Never would they be able to remake what once was into ‘something,’ and even if they managed that formidable task, what hope did they have against the never-ageing Yeltzoa?!? All hope had been lost. Cecia Town would never again be the place it had been. With that last thought, Mezonas turned on his heels and ran into the forest after the town folk, tears rolling from his eyes like shattered dreams...



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(I apologise for the double posting Regal. It was necessary heh...)

Ok! I need to explain some things before we start.

The Arínaleca (Or the Arína when referring to a member or a group of members):

An Arína is usually chosen by unknown forces when they are between the ages of 15 and 22. No one knows how to become one. The teenager or young adult in question suddenly transforms. In doing so, they gain special powers.

1. They become immortal, but can be slain. Though, if say you became an Arína at age 17, then you would maintain that age and appearance for the rest of your life. The eyes become the only way to tell an Arína’s age.
2. They gain control over a certain element. This can be anything from air to rock.

3. They obtain a weapon. The weapon randomly comes to them as soon as they are ‘chosen,’ and they can summon it at will.

At a certain age, after years of training, a ceremony is held. After that, Arína are encouraged to go out and find a partner-of-heart. Once they find one, these two meld their minds together and become ‘one’ in a certain way. This allows them to communicate via their minds. (Do this by writing in italics) In the case of Mezonas and Elera, their partnership turned into a true relationship. (Though this is rare) The partnership can be between people of the same gender also, but I would prefer it otherwise for the sake of balancing genders in the RP.

I’m not going to force partnerships in this RP, but I would like to encourage them. This is something that I don’t think has been tried before, and I would love it if some, or all of you took up the opportunity to gain a partner-of-heart. Please note that the ‘ceremony’ in question has yet to be held for any of you, so this option is closed until that time...


Extra details:

Since the town folk fled into the forest 795 years before the time this Role-play takes place, they have spread themselves out over the entire expanse of the Dark Forest, making for themselves small villages, hidden amongst the large oak, ash and horse chestnut trees. This forest is huge, dominating the entire Eastern side of Letramenia, so Yeltzoa hasn’t seen any need to send an army into the forest to eliminate the town folk for fear that they would all perish to the unseen ‘beasts’ that come from the old wives tales and roam the dark places of the forest. (Whether they are true or not is uncertain)

Since I was asked, here is a rough map of Letramenia (I'm terrible with paint...): [spoil]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/372/0hp7.png[/spoil]

You have been summoned to a secret meeting at a hidden location in the north of The Dark Forest. You each received a letter telling you of the location of this council and that you should not reveal the fact of your departure to anyone, be that family or friend. Each letter was signed with the letter ‘G’ at the bottom. No further information was given.

The Character Sheet!

Age of Choosing (The age you were when you were ‘chosen’ as such):
Real age (This can’t be more than 795 years, or less than 15 years):
(Describe yourself!):
Unique Natural Element (Can be anything from sand, to mist, to oak leaves. Be creative!):
Specialised Weapon (The Weapons in this RP will all be medieval/futuristic type weapons. If you want examples of what I might expect, do ask me in a PM. No guns allowed!):
Skills (This can be anything from pure intelligence, to writing, to smooth talking. Again, be inventive):
Weaknesses (The opposite of skills – Please balance out the skills and weaknesses. ):
Partner-of-heart (Please leave this blank until I say otherwise...):
Your biography (Where you grew up, what your upbringing was like, etc...):

(I would like you all to PM me your character sheets before you post them, so I can check them over and correct anything that I feel would be unfair, or unsuitable in this RP. The element of your choosing and the weapon are my main concern. Feel free to ask questions if I didn’t make anything entirely clear!)


The Rules:

1. Adhere to the Campfire Stories section rules.
2. There are no horses, or other such riding mounts in Letramenia. Any use of such an animal will be classed as Meta Gaming.
3. IMPORTANT!The amount of elemental power you can use is restrained by the energy in your body at the time. For example, when Mezonas literally exploded outwards with water in the Introduction, he would have died under the normal circumstances, but because he was relying on Elera’s fading strength too, he managed to maintain his hold on the water, though he was extremely weary afterwards. (If you have read The Inheritance Cycle, this is quite similar) You can summon your weapon at any time. It doesn’t require energy, though wielding it will of course.
4. Personalities in this RP are up to you, though when fighting, your personality should resemble your element. This should add something interesting to the RP.
5. I am going to be quite harsh with this RP. If your character does something stupid, they will pay for it. I won’t hesitate to kill PC’s off, though I will allow them to rejoin under the pretence that they were always there. (We will deal with this should it come to it)
6. You cannot obtain wounds in this RP. If a weapon should hit you, your energy will decrease depending on the force of the blow. This may give heavy hitting characters an advantage over the opposite, but I believe this is balanced out by the obvious. If your character should lose too much of their energy, they will fade away into their elemental form, as all Arína do upon death. So, for example, someone with power over pine needles would fade away in a flurry of pine needles... etc... Your energy can be recovered through rest and sleep, as would normal energy. Should the need arise, partners-of-heart can lend energy to each other (Note: this would decrease from the partner’s own strength).
7. Enjoy yourselves! This is my first ever Role-play as the OP. So, I would ask you to support me as I take on this new role, while at the same time, not giving up on me should I make mistakes.

Now, enjoy! Let the fun begin!
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Name: Iatairris (ee-ah-ta-EAR-is)
Age of Choosing: 19
Real age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Iatairris stands at a mighty 5 feet tall. She's about average weight for her size. Facial appearance. Wears practical traveling clothes, nondescript in appearance.
Unique Natural Element: Crystal (and yes I mean that in all the creative ways you might think of)
Specialised Weapon: Crystalline staff/lance combo
Skills: Optimistic, agile, loyal
Weaknesses: Hyper, bad planner, easily distracted
Your biography: Iatairris grew up in a fairly isolated place, without many other children around to play with. However, her family lived near a cave with vast numbers of crystal formations, and her parents let her play there all she desired. She spent countless hours wandering amongst the structures, endlessly fascinated by the shapes of the stones and metals that had collected in the cave. Eventually she made friends with a couple of children younger than her by a few years, and she played with them frequently, but the cave was hers and hers alone and she continued to spend more time within its depths than with others. Unbound by any rule while in the cavern, she became rather wild and free-spirited. This got her and her friends into trouble numerous times for doing things they shouldn't, but it never got her down.

On her 19th birthday, Iatairris was spending yet another day in the cave when she felt unusually strange. The crystal she was currently examining was one of the luminescent ones, and she became aware that it was pulsing in time with her heart...or was it the other way around? With a flurry of energy, something got passed to her from the rock, and she gained the knowledge of how to manipulate crystals. To carve them in any shape she wished, to find even the smallest shards and make them grow, to make things beautiful, and to destroy with them as well. She spent the next several weeks mastering this newfound ability, discovering her staff/lance in the process. Ever since she's been continuing to experiment and further develop her powers, taking ever more delight in the beauty of her ability.


Name: Jax

Age of Choosing 20

Real age 92

Appearance: http://thedesignwork.thedesignwork.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/09_segasviking.jpg

Unique Natural Element: Fog

Specialised Weapon: war-axe-http://historicalreplicasstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/22-628g.jpg

Skills: Combat, hunting, tracking, stealth, spotting liars.

Weaknesses: Reading, writing, alchemy, healing, general knowledge

Partner-of-heart (Please leave this blank until I say otherwise...):

Your biography. Jax was born in the centre of the Dark Forest, his father was a no good bandit who abused him and his mother. Growing up, Jax witnessed the horrific acts of his father and his "friends" as they raped, abused and even killed women. They stole from neighboring villages and violently abused innocent folk. One night when Jax was six, his dad came home drunk, in his hand he carried a whip with a blade attached at the end of it. He was angry, angry that Jax's mom didn't have any food for him to eat, he hit Jax's mother across the face with the handle of the whip. Jax ran to his mother's aid, in doing so he angered his father even more. As jax bent over and tended to his mom, his father whipped him in the back, the blade from the blade leaving a long gash across his back, his father didn't stop there, he whipped him two more times, creating three long gashes in Jax's back, then he left there and went to the pup to "eat". Jax's mom tended to Jax until the cuts healed, leaving behind three clean scars that crisscrossed each other, they started at each shoulder and ran all the way to his lower back. A few months after the incident, his father came home the same as that night, drunk and mad with rage. He started beating Jax's mom senseless for no reason, in a desperate attempt to get him to stop, Jax stabbed him in the side of the head with a dagger, killing him.
His mother, bruised and limping, took him to the edge of the village and forced him to leave his "home" behind, she kissed him on the forehead and ran back to the house, taking the blame for Jax's act, and so Jax left. For many years he fed himself, sleeping in top of trees, hunting rabbits and other small creatures. Not only teaching himself how to hunt and track, he also taught himself how to fight, a war-axe being his weapon of choice, some days he would spend hours on hours hacking and slashing at trees, all the while, fueled by his anger and rage.
When he hit 20 he started feeling a change, but couldn't put his finger on it. A few months after, he was trailing a rabbit, with his bow ready to fire, he shot in the direction of the rabbit, suddenly his hand started emitting what seemed to be fog, in panic he ran the opposite direction, but whereever he ran the fog seemed to follow him, tired of running he turned and faced the fog, after a few moments of deep breathing and calmness the fog vaporised, and on the forest floor sat a war-axe similar to the one Jax already owned, but stronger. A few weeks later, curious, he tried summoning the fog a second time, he managed only a wisp and nothing more. So his life consisted of routine, hunt, sleep and practise. Over the years he realised the angrier he was the more strengh he hadand the more fog he could summom. So the day eh recieved the mesterious letter asking him to go somewhere, although it could mean his death, he went anywa
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Name: Arkadi Dart
Age of Choosing: 20
Real age: 61
Gender: Male
Appearance: 5'10", weighs 156 pounds, short light blond hair, hard round face, wears light grey robes, has symbol of base matter tattooed on each of his shoulders;

Unique Natural Element: Base matter, AKA, salt.
Specialised Weapon: A kukri imbued with salt (that way when someone is stabbed by it the salt seeps into the person, draining their energy much more than a normal energy weapon would).
Skills: Sabotage (both physical and psychological), swimming and long-distance running.
Weaknesses: Lacks solid strength and straight fighting skills, and empathic intelligence. Disobedient.
Your biography: Born and raised in a coastal port, Arkadi grew up with a strong affinity for the salt waters he looked all set to become a fisherman, just like his father. However when he was 20 his boat was overturned during a sudden storm. He and his father were plunged into the waters, never to be seen again by his townsfolk. Arkadi's father drowned, but Arkadi himself managed to survive (how, he does not know) and washed up several miles down the coast.
After waking, he discovered that he was able to manipulate all base matter, salt rocks and salt water were his tools, and he soon realised that they could be used to preserve life and goods, and to sabotage and destroy them.
After training himself to master base matter, and its' uses, he began to sell himself as an assassin and saboteur. Over the years he wreaked havoc over many lands, not by strength of arms but by salting water, assassinating key figures and other such activities.
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Name: Wallace the grey knight

Age of Choosing: 22

Real age: 214

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wallace is of average height but strong build, he has brown hair cut short, brown eyes and tends to always be in his heavy armor. Armor like this

Natural Element: Stone ( [Lance >Sword > Axe > Lance] < Stone)

Specialized weapon: War hammer and Great shield

Skills: Great endurance, Great strength, adept with the Sword and Board fighting style

Weaknesses: No sense of direction (tends to get lost really easily), Slow (heavy armor tends to do that), follows a knightly code


Biography: Born to a small village lost as nearby villages became larger, Wallace was the son of a militia man and grew up training to be such. When he was old enough he began training to become a milita man. When he wasn't training Wallace's mother taught him how to read and write, giving him history books to learn from and teaching him stories. It was during that time that he first began fascinated with knights of the past and their ideals. At age 22 Wallace changed.

His powers manifested themselves during one of his patrols. Wallace found a man being attacked by wolves and as he was known to do Wallace rant to the man's aid under equipped to fight a pack of wolves. Feeling that he would be too late need drove him and large slabs of stone rose roughly out of the ground surrounding the man and protecting him from the wolves. His spear long since left behind Wallace manifested the hammer and shield as if he always could and fought back the beast. After helping the man to the village Wallace collapsed against a tree going over what he had just done. The next few weeks were spent trying to replicate those feats and once he could his dreams of being a knight once again grew within him. However Wallace had a duty to protect his village and so he did. For fifty years. He was known as the great guardian of his village, however things change and time moves on. Several years after his parents had died, Wallace looking the same as he had when he first gained his powers decided it was time for his travels to begin. As a parting gift his village made him the armor he now walks in and with a goodbye he left.

Since then Wallace has wandered the woods for a hundred years, training his powers in both his element and his weapons and fighting off those he came across who he perceived as doing wrong. He has since taken on the title of the Grey knight though he is also known as the wandering knight or lost knight due to his general lack of direction.

Wallace lets out a laugh of amusement as he reads a note left for him summoning him to a council in the north. Looking around the clearing, in the wood that he had set up his tent in, he gives another chuckle as he packs his tent and gear and makes off in a direction he assumes to be the right way. "Finally! Something interesting to do! I was getting a little bored for a bit there!" He shouts merrily to no one in particular and walks onward to his next adventure.
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Name: Emdi Ril

Age of Choosing: 23

Real Age: 359

Gender: Female


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Light
Height/Weight: 5'2" 110 Lbs.

Emdi is of a smaller stature than average for females. She ties her black hair in a tight bun behind her head, which is held in place by a light blue binding fan. She dresses in a light blue and white monk's fighting robe with a brown vest, white oversocks, and light leather sandals; all of which allows for the adroit movements of her style of martial arts. She travels in a manner that depicts an assured awareness of her presence and surrounding.

Unique Natural Element: Lightning

Specialised Weapon: Manriki-gusari

Skills: Unarmed combat, history, healing, polyglot, reading, writing.

Weaknesses: Little tracking ability, little stealth, unworldly, claustrophobic.

Partner-of-heart: ???

Your biography: Emdi was born in Jilin. At a very young age, her parents were approached by a monk, who informed them he saw great potential in Emdi after he had spent several hours watching her running around with almost a boundless amount of energy for one so young. He believed if she were able to harness that exuberance, she may be perhaps one of the greater masters. After many days of thought, her parents agreed to place Emdi into the care of a Temple of the Elements.

While living with the other monks in training, she was a fast learner, and dedicated student. She was extremely apt at languages, and was soon finding herself more and more involved with keeping histories. When she was eight, the facility she was training in collapsed during a great earthquake, and she spent several days buried within the structure. She persevered only through entering a deep meditative state, but now has an inherent fear of being in tight, restrictive places. She had trained, learned, and grown until she reached her twenty third year, when she discovered there was even more to her; she could harness the element of electricity.

Being immortal only served her purpose as a historian all the more. She has been cloistered for well over three centuries. She could have been the abbot of the cloister several generations over, but has always declined for reasons unknown to her. Recently, her current Abbot had decided it was time for her to experience the world. As part of her final training, she is now expected to enter the world away from the safety of the Temple, and forage her way toward further enlightenment. She wears the robes of her station, and carries nothing more than she can. She received her letter, and decided to investigate its meaning.
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Name: Akana Róis Spijker

Age of Choosing: 21

Real age: 241

Gender: female

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, standing about 5’ 4”, tending to wear simple clothes consisting of simple tunics and pants with shoes and sometimes a hat, or wearing leather armour and boots, never with helmet Here! Use this as reference (since I cannot draw).

Unique Natural Element: wind, specifically used to amplify movements, especially during fighting. Lends strength and speed to blows, cover distance faster, and higher and farther jumps. If focused exclusively on jumping, can almost fly (falling with style as they say)

Specialised Weapon: Ulfbehrt Viking sword

Skills: dueling, swordfighting in general, acrobatics, endurance, knowledge of multiple fighting styles and weapons, reading people during combat, maintenance of a variety of items

Weaknesses: Human interaction, conversing with people, reading people outside of combat, lack of will to learn about people, events, and other such items, forgetfulness to nourish sometimes, daydream at inopportune moments.

Partner-of-heart: Unknown

Your biography: 241 years ago, Akana Róis Spijker was born into a complex ancestry. After the overrunning and destruction of Cecia Town, various groups of people from different quarters, creating a melting pot hidden village, called Ni Schavanyja ŭ Dair magitige (Hidden in the Mighty Oak Village [using Belarussian, Irish, Japanese, Afrikaans, written with Finnish phonology]). Names, which back in the old days of Cecia Town, would come from one quarter only. In Ni Dair (Oak Village), names are formed with a birthname chosen by both parents coming from any former quarter, the middle name from the father’s historical quarter (following the patrilineal line), and the last name from the mother’s historical quarter (following the matrilineal line). Due to the desire to keep meticulous records, every person knows their ancestry from the time of the Fall.

Akana was leading a normal life in Ni Dair, learning how to be useful through useful maintenance of tools and structures; after finishing her apprenticeship, Akana would have become a maintainer journeyman. Shortly after turning 21, and a few months from recognition as a maintainer, Akana received the Arína Transformation. After this happened, Akana moved to a nearby village, Christiansfeld, who had an expert swordsman named Mikkel Lars Hjort, who was able to train Akana in her new weapon, a Ulfbehrt sword, for about 20 years. One day, while practicing new sword forms during an off day, the village was mysteriously abandoned. There is no known reason for this.

After living alone in the village for a few months, Akana moved on, randomly travelling around the forest, helping out the villages with odd maintenance jobs and local trouble, learning new techniques from local maintainers, and refining sword and element techniques. Over the past 200 years or so, Akana has grown more distant, visiting villages less and less, and by now becoming an almost total hermit, until a mysterious letter found her one day.


Since Jon refused to take the shadows I did instead.

Name: Jokir Kajan
Age of Choosing: 17
Real age: 143
Gender: Male
Appearance: This man could only be described as your average man, there was nothing that stood out on Jokir Kajan, he was the sort of face that would blend perfectly into a crowd
Unique Natural Element: Shadow
Specialised Weapon: Concealable Stabbing Knife
Skills: Exceptional Tracking Ability, Master of Stealth and Assassination
Weaknesses: Bad in Open Conflict, Dislikes working with others
Your biography: Jokir was abandoned as a baby on a doorstep. The family cared for him, however, aged seven they attempted to sell him off to slavers for money as they now considered him a blight. Jokir escaped and fell in with a gang of local thieves where he learnt his skills and eventually took revenge on the family, not by killing them but instead stealing their property and exposing the father's corruptness. When Jokir was chosen he trained on his skills, recognising their powers and became a blade for hire, spying on people and killing them for money.


Name: Kaiden Blacktree
Age of Choosing: 19

Real age: 519
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6’ tall with a slim, wiry physique with an olive skin tone, golden eyes and medium length jet black hair with a single braid running down right hand side of his face.

He is dressed in loose fitting green and brown clothes and brown leather boots with a pair of feathers hanging from the end of his braid. He sometimes paints his face in various designs and colours.
Unique Natural Element: Plants
Specialised Weapon: Black bow (Longbow)

Skills: Tracking, hunting, foraging, herbalism, archery, Animal ken
Weaknesses: Close combat, bartering, distances himself from others, an inability to keep his gob shut, doesn’t follow orders
Your biography: Kaiden grew up with his tribe on the borderlands where the Dark forest meets that of the old empire. When his ancestors had first moved into the area some two hundred years previous it had been the natives that had taught them the forest lore required to survive within the Dark forest and it was with whom that they inter-married leading to his people’s somewhat unique appearance compared to the rest of the people of Letramenia.

He had been nineteen when he transformed into an Arina although that particular term was unknown to him at the time. His people had always had an affinity with nature, living off of the tree’s and animals within the forest however it quickly became apparent that Kaiden’s skill was more then just pure talent, after all the brambles didn’t part to allow other hunters to pass unhindered nor did the trees inform them of where the good game was like Kaiden claimed they did.
His changing didn’t become truly obvious until the day he found the Black bow as he came to call it. His tribe had set an ambush for a group of particularly troublesome bandits within a clearing, however just as the trap was sprung his yew bow either over tightened in his inexperience or perhaps just due to its age snapped leaving him with nothing but a hunting knife with which to defend himself. Never much of a fighter Kaiden had grabbed the nearest branch he could find intending to wield it as a club only to watch with astonishment as it grew and shaped itself into a bow far better than he’d ever seen made by his tribe, its smooth wooden surface turning a dark brown almost black in colour.
Now I could regale you with a tale of how with this mighty weapon Kaiden had single handedly defeated the enemy and walked away as the only survivor of a long grim battle, a scarred hero but that simply wouldn’t be true. No one within the tribe fell that day and although Kaiden had performed admirably with his new weapon he was far from being a hero in fact most of the bandits upon realising that it was a trap had simply fled into the trees chased by the arrows and taunts of their opponents.
With his family and friends now long since dead in the five hundred years that have passed, Kaiden spends less and less time within the company of people, their lives seeming to pass in the blink of an eye to the immortal ranger who instead spends his days patrolling the forest paths keeping the villagers safe from the beasts that lurk within the shadows.


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The Forest Glade

Having travelled for many days and nights, over forested hills and through deep gorges, the travelers will be glad to see what awaits them at the end of their long and perilous journeys. Awaiting them is a large and grassy clearing in the centre of a dark section of the forest; this clearing however is completely open to the air, allowing sunlight to pass inside over the tops of the trees. There is one entrance to this open space, which lies at the southern end, leaving the rest of the glade to be completely sheltered on all other sides, the trunks of the ancient oak trees being too thick for any normal being to pass through. It being the season of autumn, the floor of the forest is covered in leaves of the many shades of red, yellow and orange, giving off a warm glow. Surrounding the clearing are the large, wide trunks of oak trees, intermingled with sprawling elderberry trees. The trees are especially dense towards the northern edge, giving the appearance of something else being there...

Inside the clearing, there is a strange sight to be beheld. In contrast to the clumps of trees surrounding it, a lone apple tree stands slightly to the left of the centre, to the right of which sits a circular table, carved entirely out of wood, with ornate decorations carved into the wood itself. Around this table are set a number of high-backed chairs, made in the same fashion as the table. The maker of the table set having an obvious taste for beauty and elegance. The glade is otherwise empty, not a person is in sight as the weary travelers begin to converge on the clearing from their separate directions.

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The journey had been long and hard causing him to travel many miles from where he'd been patrolling the borderlands. The summons had been a surprise to tell the truth as people had long since given up with trying to get Kaiden to do anything however this particular one had piqued his interest, the lengths taken to try and keep the meeting a secret meaning that whoever "G" was had something important to tell him...or had too much time on his hands and only time would tell which one it was.
Stepping into the clearing Kaiden drops his hood to look up at the sun as it peered over the tree tops casting a golden glow over the leaves that covered the floor.
Briefly glancing over his shoulder to see if any of the others invited to this meeting had arrived yet Kaiden slowly walks over to the table beneath the apple tree and takes a seat facing the entrance, placing his bow onto the table before him.
He would give it a couple of minutes and if nobody showed he'd simply slip out again and return to his unending vigil upon the borderlands that he called home.


The journey was long, hard and tiring. Jax ran through the day and regained his strength throughout the night. For six full days he wondered who "G" might have been, one way to figure out he thought. It has been a few months since he had any human interactions, the forest provided all he needed, food, shelter, fire. He tended not to stay long in towns or villages, people irritated him, asking about his past and where he was headed. His past was his, and whenever they asked where he was headed he always replied with "wherever the wind blows".
He had reached the clearing by midday, he was ready for any sort of trap. He carried nothing on him. From outside the entrance he saw a person already inside, he blinked twice and his axe materialized in his hand. Quietly he walked through the entrance, the clearing was wide and was surrounded by thick oak trees, there was nothing over head, so the sun shone straight through, in the middle of the clearing stood a table, carved out of wood. The chairs that surrounded it were also carved from what seemed to be the same wood as the table. One of the seats was taken, the one facing the entrance, but Jax focused more on what was behind the seat the trees to the northern edge of the clearing were denser, as if something was there.
The man that sat on the table was tall, with olive skin and golden eyes, he looked young but his eyes seemed old. A bow lay in front of him on the table, a black bow, the work on it was impressive. Jax walked to the seat opposite the man, his back to the entrance, but facing whatever was behind the dense trees. He placed his axe on the table, the blade shone bright yellow as the sun bounced of it, it was truly one of a kind. Jax sat and waited for the man to say something all the while not breaking eye contact.

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Despite his discomfort at having to leave the coast and the salt waters, Arkadi followed the instructions of 'G', travelling through the forest for many a day and night, uncomfortable amongst the 'pure' water pools and trees, creatures of the earth, but not of the base matter.
Eventually he arrived at the southern edge of a large flat pure green grassy clearing, with a lone apple tree at its' core, and surrounded by a seemingly solid wall of trees..
To the right of the apple tree sat an elaborate wood table, surrounded by chairs. Two were already occupied, facing the entrance sat a tall dark skinned man sat calmly with a bow laid in front of him upon the table. Another man, larger still, sat with his back to the entrance, so his face could not be seen.
Reaching down to his waist, he brought up a waterskin, taking out the cap, he pressed its' mouth against his lips and let the salt water contained within flow into his mouth and down his throat. After two mouthfuls, he stopped and replaced the skin.
Keeping a hand on the hilt of his kukri, Arkadi walked up to the table and took a seat facing westwards, in between the two men. Nobody had said a word, and all three were avoiding eye contact. He did not speak either, waiting for somebody else to break the silence. He was in no hurry to do so, despite the questions he retained.

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With a final leap out of a low tree branch, Iatairris flew into the clearing that she'd been told to go to. With an elegant roll she bounced to her feet, grinning excitedly. She'd finally made it! She'd been so excited to get the letter that had sent her on a journey. She did wish she'd been allowed to tell her parents she was leaving, but she'd vanished before...they wouldn't worry unduly.

Looking around, she saw that three men had beaten her there, sitting at a very elegant table. She ran over to the others, calling "hello, hello, helloooo!" Upon reaching them she nodded to the trio. "Good to meet you! I'm Iatairris. Did you guys get letters too? What do you think they're for? Ooh...what if we're part of a plot to kill someone important! No wait...that doesn't make sense...I'm not a killer, so they'd have no use for me. Ooh, I like your axe and bow! I've got this!" In a flurry of light, her staff/lance appeared in her hand. It was made from gleaming translucent crystal, catching the light in ways that made it seem as though it was pulsing with an inner brightness as it moved. "So, what're your guys' names? Where are you from? What can you do? Ooh, I just noticed how nice these chairs are!" Completely forgetting the questions she'd asked, Iatairris ran over to the chair next to Kaiden, examining it closely. Her staff glimmered and vanished as she began studiously examining it. After a moment she looked up and seemingly remembered that there were other people there. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I asked you questions and then ignored you!" She quickly took a seat, then turned to look at the others again.

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He had barely gotten himself comfortable upon the intricately carved chair when two more men entered the clearing and took a seat at the table; the second man looking decidedly edgy as he did so as if he expected a trap. Kaiden however knew it wasn't a trap and instead leant back in his chair safe in the knowledge that the trees surrounding the clearing would alert him of any shenanigans long before they happened.
It was with the sudden arrival of an extremly hyperactive girl by the name of Iatairris that the silence around the table suddenly broke as she spoke excitedly about everything and nothing causing Kaiden to wonder if all youngsters were like this. "It is a pleasure to meet you Iatairris, my name is Kaiden Blacktree and yes I too received a letter" he replied smiling warmly at the girl as he did so before holding out his hand towards her she is young isn't she...not even a century...in fact none of them are... the realisation making him feel the five hundred years that had passed him by "...As for where I come from I was originally from the borderlands and what about yourself?"


Wallace made off for the meeting location. However as he walked Wallace noticed that someone was keeping pace with him, standing just out of his sight and that person seemed to move in relation to him like a compass, pointing him towards a destination. Several more miles of walking and the other person was still there, walking directly to his left now. Knowing his weaknesses and guessing that following this person would get him to the council at least as fast as his normal way. Wallace followed the unseen but not unfelt figure. Eventually the person lead Wallace through an area of thickly grown together old wood, with a gap leading into what he could see as a clearing. Upon reaching this the unseen figure rapidly moved away, but that didn't concern hum, there were three people in the clearing ahead. He had reached his destination.

Wallace removed his helmet and walked into the clearing. "Nice place to throw a council, nice foliage." He remarked as he made his way to the table and little group around it. "So you are others sent for by this G for his secret council? Greetings, I am Wallace the Gray Knight. Pleasure to meet you." He says giving the group a bow before unfastening his kit from his back, placing his helmet on the table and sitting on one of the chairs which creaks under his weight. "So, anyone here know who our mysterious G is?"
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Emdi had reluctantly left the safety of the temple she'd served for well over three centuries, and traveled on foot for several weeks to finally reach this place of meeting. She was pleased to discover that all of the training she partook in had served her well. While others might feel exhausted, hundreds of thousands of repetitive exercises kept her in a peak of fitness, and did well for stamina she discovered.

As she approached the glade, she found she was not the first arrival. She entered the area through the only accessible point, and turned her attention from each of those who had assembled. She caught only the end of what the heavily armored man had said, and looked to the others to see if they would be introducing themselves as he, or she, who had invited them all to gather in this place. Emdi moved to a seat and sat upon it. She maintained an expressionless mask as she continued to look at each of these people who had assembled.

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Iatairris shook the proffered hand warmly. "Great to meet you Kaiden! The borderlands, huh? I can't say I know where that is. I'm from the middle of nowhere really...or at least, I think I am. I'm not great with geography. The only landmark we have nearby is the cave, but that's my area...I don't usually see other people in there, just me and the crystals."

Anything more that she was going to say was interrupted by two new arrivals, a man in heavy armor and a stern looking woman. The man introduced himself as Wallace the Grey Knight and asked if they knew who this G person who'd asked them all together was. "Can't say I know, Wallace. I'm Iatairris by the way! Your armor looks reallllly heavy. Why do you walk around with it on?" Her energy seemed boundless, although she was sitting still on her seat. Her head was where the motion was, looking this way and that as she listened to the responses.


The girl shook his hand warmly as she asked where the borderlands were whilst also simultaneously speaking of her own homeland. Leaning back in his chair once again Kaiden points vaguely out to his right before answering her question "The borderlands, just keep walking that way until the trees run out as for your homeland...I think...I know where you mean though its been many years since I’ve been there" during his long life Kaiden had travelled over large swathes of the countryside and had seen may things and although he couldn't be certain he thought a cave with crystal formations may have been one of them...or had it been ice? Either way it had been a long time ago.
Looking up as two more arrived and took a seat at the table; the heavily armoured man's chair creaking under his weight as he asked about the mysterious "G" that had summoned them with any response he may have given cut off by the excitable Iatairris allowing him to turn his attention to the other new arrival "Emdi nice to see you long time no see"