Dueling Ethics ~ Please all give your opinions

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by FargoBear, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Gerrm

    Gerrm Guest

    I remember one person said it is like fighting an NPC.
  2. If we remember that the game is The West. There were very few rules in the west. Lets not add them to the game.

    I think all scenaros are fine. :winkg:
  3. Zortar

    Zortar Guest

    If you attack workers, expect to be KOed. That's my view.
  4. jra12222

    jra12222 Guest

    i agree completely with zortar
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  5. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    Both of you, you should read the original post.
  6. Codeguru

    Codeguru Guest

    For the most part, dueling needs to be renamed murder or attacking. In a duel, each party has their weapon equipped and agrees to it, otherwise if you attack someone who refuses to fight, it's murder, you get arrested and hanged. Duels are mutual, or they aren't duels...

  7. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Please read the first post before responding to this thread. This thread deals specifically with power leveling. It is not a thread to whine about dueling.
  8. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    I think duelers should duel people who duel against others who duel for the sake of dueling, except when said dueling clearly conflicts with dueling etiquette as pertains to duelers and soldiers who duel all parties sans those not dueling, except those parties, such as adventurers and workers, who duel the duel for the sake of the duel, in relation to the duel, as duels go.
  9. Celxius

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    May 28, 2009
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    So, target honorable duelers? And duelers who target honorable duelers?
  10. Quantrillo

    Quantrillo Guest

    Anything that deliberately makes as little sense as this does has to be invariably correct.
  11. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Well 3 months since the original post and nothing has been done about power leveling. I guess it's acceptable. Good to know for future worlds I join.
  12. There were no ethics in the west. Why do we think we should enforce ethics
  13. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Because it throws the game out of balance when people are dueling others with a predetermined out come over and over again in order to rise in the dueling ranks. It is a way of getting 'points' without really earning them and is an exploitation of the game. Is no different from any other game where you have a score and rank based on the size of your army and you find an exploit to up your score and rank. That would be considered cheating in a game such as that, just as this supposedly is considered cheating in this game but there is no official rule against it. I don't know if it is because there is dragging of the feet on the issue or what the problem is. I would have thought in 3 months that if the devs felt it was cheating as we have been led to believe something would have been done about it. Since it isn't cheating it is a legal tactic and I'll be sure to use it.
  14. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    I don't think Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday took turns stripping and being shot by the other one to get XP.
  15. George Hurst

    George Hurst Guest

    Based on Eiswiesel's statement:
    I guess they are seeking a solution to power leveling or "pushing" through a change in the game mechanics, because policing it would be too difficult if it were just banned.
    I am certainly not holding my breath though, if it is being given the same priority as trading and moving the duels to the location of the player challenged.
  16. Hatebreeder

    Hatebreeder Guest

    Game rules, shmame rules, is this the wild west or what?
  17. Djargo

    Djargo Guest

    if ppl are doing duels with predetermined outcome, as a sort of powerlvl'ing. (i cant relate nor will i comment)

    but an outcome came to mind:

    they dont gain better gear
    they dont get access to better gear
    they dont increase in hitpoints
    they dont get better skills towards dueling

    soo, when a duellist comes along, high duel lvl, high class lvl, good gear and so forth...

    he will kill them, over and over again...

    ae. a lvl 20 goes powerlvl with friend, gets to duel lvl 60
    a lvl 48 soldier with duel rank 53 tries to duel him... he will win?!
    and get goood duel xp off of him... i reckon that soldier will continue to
    attack him on a regularly basis since theres good xp to be made.

    the powerlvl'er will then constantly be at low hp or knocked out and hence cant duel...

    personally i can see no, whatsoever, bonus off of doing powerlvlduelling
    or is this dane missing something? ( I have only read the first 4 and last 3 pages og this thread)
  18. onilicious

    onilicious Guest

    Omg !

    I Looked On The First Pages And Saw That The Situation Was Getting Out Of Hand A Little ...

    I'm New On The Forum ... And Did Not Have Too Much Dueling Experience ... So If You Want To Hear My Opinion , Well Consider It As A Neutral Point Of View ... I'm Lvl 2o So I Don't Have Big Experience , But This Is What I Think

    First Of All You Cannot Make Combat Rules , It's Not Like Boxing Here ... You Play A Game To Relax And Take A Break From A Boss That Drives You Crazy , You Want To Enjoy The GAme And Cut Loose , One Thing You Don't Want For Sure Is More Rules .. :(
    Second , I Don't See Farm Xp Ilegal , It's Just Like In Normal Life (Some Work Hard For Their Place In Society , Others Get A Lot Of Help From Their Friends) ... I Don't Farm Xp But I Don't Mind Others Doing It ... I See Other Owesome Stuff In This Game Besides Dueling ..EX: "I Made A Level In 4 Days For Example And A Xp Farmer In 1 !!!11oneoneeleveneleven :O" .. Well C'est La Vie ! My Friend .. Life Is Hard And Sometimes Unfair..

    All That I See That Can Be Done (I Don't Know If It's in The Game Already Or Not) ... Is When You Get Knocked Out .. You Get 48 Hours Of No Duels , But You Are Also "Bruised" So You Get For Example 20% Or 1/3 Of Your ALL Skills Lowered .. Making It Harder To Work On Good Paying Jobs For A While (But Just The Standars Skills, The Ones You Placed Points Into When You Leveled And The Ones You Got From Quests, Item Bonuses Should Not Be Lowered)

    Farmed Xp Makes A Guy Reach A Certain Level Faster ... It Does Not Mean That A Guy That Made It Normally And Same Level As The Xp Farmer Cannot Beat The Hell Out Of Him ..

    Hope My Post Is Usefull ... Just Trying To Help :)

    Have A Nice Day .
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  19. Panache

    Panache Guest

    Thank you, SO MUCH, for that imagery... :blink:
  20. Jim Sundance

    Jim Sundance Guest

    add to that, that Doc was probably coughing up blood since he had TB.