Dueling Ethics ~ Please all give your opinions

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by FargoBear, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    All those people that just want to build towns...what will they do after they have built their 4th or 5th town? Who is going to join those towns? It is a dilemma. If they really want to keep people around that don't want to duel they have to come up with new ways to keep builders and non-dueling advents from quitting. Maybe trade centers that could be built up with special buildings and services where builders can band together and residents can't be dueled or challenge others to duel. But that is for another thread and would take much discussion and planning.
  2. bonez

    bonez Guest

    Power lvling is regarded as unethical by the German mods. There is no official rule against it yet, but you can bet it will be officially added as a TW no go at some point.
  3. Don Agrawal

    Don Agrawal Guest

    Can U help Me plz

    i have taken dueler character nd there is a quest where i have to duel the corporal my dueling level is 16 and i have boomerang as my weapon but after so many tries also i was not able to kill the corporal so pls can anyone tell me whats the requirement to win frm the corporal ....pls reply soon as i m unble to do further quest as they r unlock due to this one.....
  4. Gerrm

    Gerrm Guest

    Train a few skills in dueling, so you can become stronger than him.
  5. Cro Sharpshooter

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    if i remember correctly always aim his right side and dodge left
  6. Denisero

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    Writing in huge annoying text will just make people want to duel you. This is a thread about dueling ethics, specifically about power leveling and other unethical behavior. It is not about whining because you were knocked out or suggesting changes to the dueling mechanics. For that you should go to Dueling Thread. If you don't want dueled then be townless. If you are a worker then expect to get dueled and send your fighters out to avenge you. Other than that you can't do anything about it.
  7. SunWuKong

    SunWuKong Guest

    Worker Min Maxed? Time To Be Taxed.

    I do not understand workers who complain about being dueled. I have a top 15 construction score worker on World 5. I deserve to be dueled and I do not complain when I am.

    There's a dueler tax on being a pure worker. The worker chooses to forgo weapon skills to be a better worker, so they should pay for it.

    That being said, it is rude to interrupt a worker by passing him out. You shouldn't try to do that if you are a dueler. But aside from that, go at it. The workers are legitimate targets, particularly for low level duelers who are looking to pick up a few easy levels.
  8. iggyberto

    iggyberto Guest

    Right on SunWu!
  9. Dr.Drud

    Dr.Drud Guest

    I honestly agree! Even though I'm on the Soldier side of the fence, I don't see what all the fuss about attacking workers is all about... You chose not being able to duel, and you're not building up my city, why shouldn't I take a stab at some easy and often very good xp? That it forces me to take a stab at your head too is only the means to an end! :)
  10. Roland Deschain

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    I think power leveling in any form is not ok, whether collusion exists or not.
    so even if player B is unaware player A has unequipped and is trying to knock themselves out, I am not ok with that. player A can leave his weapon and gear equipped and try to knock themselves out; thats fine. people dueling members of their sister towns though? that is outright cheating in my opinion. and it makes those of us who have achieved our dueling ranks through actual fair fights against competetive enemies scoff at those who have used power leveling to gain rank.

    regarding weaponless dueling, it is a tough thing to resolve. I would be all for an outright ban on weaponless dueling (enforced by the game); but then, as someone mentioned, people would just unequip their weapons to avoid being dueled. I think some logic instead:

    duel can't happen if both players have no weapons equipped
    duel can't happen if challenger has no weapons equipped

    this would leave one other scenario, the case where a player unequips his weapon and then tells his friend to swoop in for free XP. but the admins still exist, and could likely notice if someone is challenging an unarmed player over and over again.
  11. iggyberto

    iggyberto Guest

    I don't like that at all. What if we wanted to have an unarmed duel? Just for giggles. That to me is a fair duel. Both parties agree that the duel is to take place and when and how you fight it out. That is not cheating at all and should not be considered as so.
    I am in the works of organizing a tourney on world six. Winner gets $500 in their town treasury. It is all going to be scheduled fights, some bare knuckle. I am still working out the details. But with your rules my idea could never happen and we would be called cheaters.
  12. George Hurst

    George Hurst Guest

    You might not consider that cheating, but if you schedule a duel with someone and agree to fight weaponless you will still earn the full experience points for that duel.
    This may seem innocent to you, but it is in effect collusion to earn free dueling experience, without any risk of injury or KO.
    From what I've read about power levelers who abuse this idea to get dueling experience, they tend to call their scheduled fights "tournaments" or "training" to try to disguise the true nature of what they are doing.
    If I were you I'd give up on the idea of unarmed, scheduled fights "just for giggles" and tourneys, unless you are prepared for the fact that some people will call you a cheat regardless of your innocent intentions.
  13. Denisero

    Denisero Guest

    Well this thread has been up since April 1st and still no progress on stopping power leveling. Can we get a status on it or should we all just shut up about it? I was excited when the thread first appeared and got stickied because I thought something might be done about it. All it has turned into is a debate going nowhere. If the devs are working on something we would like to know, and when it might be implemented. If they aren't then you might as well unsticky the thread and lock it for all the good it is doing.
  14. BartBot

    BartBot Guest

    Really? Fargobear; What was player A thinking???-- Player A can always get a good night's rest, switch his dueling configurations to match up with Player B's settings, then give him a taste of his own medicine. Dignity is always #1!!! (Never mind... I forgot that you were an adventurer :))

    Moot thread, no offense.

    Anyone can duel anyone as long as the original prerequisites allow. But me thinks dueling is only worthwhile if you get 100+ exp. each time.
    (There's always consequences when you attack "sister towns")

    No ifs, ands, or buts. Legitimacy is in question, but in end, justice is served:

    - (Banned)

    hehehe :)
  15. With regard to six, I have had some fights where both dualists agreed to assault eachother with only a katapult. It was a gentlemans fight not meant for xp but to settle a matter between us and to decide whom was the better man. He wasn't an ally but someone with whom i'd had several fights already for earnest and this seemed like a great way to settle the matter.
  16. Waysted

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    How could an honorable action such as this be unethical? MM it IS a great idea!

    My experience with on-line games is that human nature rules supreme. If a person CAN break a rule ALOT of people will do it.

    A way to check for power leveling is to display on a characters info sheet how many duels he has won/lost that day and how much exp. he got for that day. If its all out of whack then he will get reported and have to defend his actions.

    This way no manpower from the devs is used except to chase the report. Just like multis are now. Most are reported by us.(i would think) Give us a way to check for power leveling and we will report it. Or code it in the game. Waiting for people to be ethical and moral is a TOTAL waste of time imo.
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  17. Waysted

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    I would also like to point out this is the age of the "cheat".

    ALOT of gamers look for the easy way to win. Its a fact of life it seems.

    Very sad.
  18. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    Part of the problem is that it is not listed as cheating, thus no actions would be taken if reported.
  19. lako-OT

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    It's like dueling banned players. Until it is announced that it is a bannable offense, people will do it.
  20. MoSa1

    MoSa1 Guest

    At least Banned players will still fight back , although not change their stance, so technically they are still trying to win