Double-Double Days


Jakkals, hiding behind an adventurer is generally a poor choice, even more so when they're guaranteed to ghost. Adventurers would be only used for blocking, they'd become completely useless as shields until there were only two players left per side. Eventually adventurers would be the only ones left and the battle would presumably go for 55 rounds with most of the players dead watching adventurers slowly kill each other.

75% is better, I can possibly agree to that. And no supraxus, it's not only about forts, but forts are the major issue here that needs addressing.


Yes 75% would be more acceptable just as 15 extra for the Hp will still be acceptable and 30% for the duelers and leave the workers as is. And then you can all go fort fight while I queue 16 jobs with my 300 energy I guess. I see the OP has anyway amended his idea some for quadrupled to tripled.

Lastly you need to sweeten the pot for non premium players as well so on doubly double day they get full premium for a day with all that that entails i.e. automation, double income, more energy and all character bonuses doubled.

Ok I have typed all the bonuses on quadruple can you correct them to triple and put that in some kind of spoiler and place it as full details. I'm thinking of promoting this in game meaning I will ask people to vote not ask them to vote yes.

Also add you original straight doubling as an option I like that more you can just type "[OPTIONAL] Energy will be doubled to 150 + 75 = 225 - 300, Income to 100% , Automation will not need to be adjusted I suppose as you can just queue jobs onto your original queue the whole day.

That gives the developers more to think about and they can then decide to be generous. If you dont include it they will probably just implement it as is or water it down even more.
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The idea was to create these special events to retain older players, encourage the use of buying premiums (therefore using nuggets) and to give some players (the pure's for example) a hlafway decent chance to find slightly higher value items.

So the idea of giving the double-double to everyone, including the freebie players, I don't like that. There has to be some kind of incentive to spend on the game, and I personally believe the devs are more likely to implement something like this if there's a money-maker attached to it. Why sweeten the pot for freebie players? They are already getting something for nothing... It's like the Buy One Get One Free offers at supermarkets. If you buy something, you get something more. If you choose not to buy it (remember,no one is forcing you to buy anything), you get nothing. Perfectly understood principle.

Not sure what you mean about Energy. Again, I think this proposal has to be easy and an 'all-or-nothing' approach is more likely to succeed. So by this, if everyone thinks that 100% is too much, then the only other choice is to pick a number (I did, I picked 75%), and apply it to the whole thing. Otherwise it becomes a pick-and-choose thing, which again, I doubt the devs would be interested in implementing.

But note Jakkals, I did take your comments into account and that's why the numbers changed from 100% to 75% (and the overall wording changed from Quadrupled to Tripled).

Anyways, we need a few more people to comment, otherwise it's all a bunch of hot air... :p


In fort battles, you have the chance of 40% to score a critical hit. Critical hits deduct an additional 40% from the maximum health points.[plausible but abusive]
ONCE AGAIN. Premium doubles the chance of a crit, not the damage.


I see no reason why I would vote yes to this, and so I will vote No.


nevermind, seems you updated it since last i read it. Only twice or so a year doesn't make it all that worthwhile for the developers to program, nor the players to aspire for. Double days seems something worth bringing to their attention nonetheless. But, if the intent is to increase sales, I think such should be announced beforehand.
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I figure it happens about 6 times a year (twice per year per prem, 3 prems where it applies). Can be more, it was a few comments made by others that gave me a feeling that fewer days would be preferred.

And yes, it should be announced in-game and on the login page a week or two in advance, even if these days become fixed in the calendar (ie, permanent). Point is to draw in people, so it helps in those circumstances not to have surprises.