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2 people left to register

Roy and Rehiym

if you guys dont make it within 10 hrs of the game starts, ima look for replacements (17 hours left)
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tal if you need more players i will join im kill at RISK or used to be anyway i havent played in a while. but im good at startegy games.


(=T_T=) can't wait any longer...must play...

*tis will be the 1st time ill play tis game. . .*


Note the game started, and I sent 2 more people join mails before it did, im pretty sure you can still join now and not be affected by a lost turn

The areas with the black and white circle are supply zones, and the more important areas as each supply zone = 1 unit

Quick tips for a few countries
Russia and Turkey - The black sea is your MOST important area, he who controls it will be able to easily advance on the other player
France and England - English channel might determine who is capable of advancing on the other
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right got my sig and avatar to go with the game!

all i can say is:

Forward, Russia!



The french shall conquer Spain and use their power to win the war!

No expects the Spanish inquisition!


You guys never fail to make me laugh :laugh:

Woot, lurrvvvve the new customized sig, Crag - you should make one for all of us! ;)




-= just me and you on the dance floor=-