Diplomacy Sign Up



We need 7 people to play, and it will be done using a Online automation system, so no one will need to make complicated maps daily

The 7 can be in teams or alone, it doesnt matter, just try not to quit

1 - Talamare as France
2 - Deja Vu as Austria
3 - Poisonapple as England
4 - Slyvester nule as Germany
5 - Sexyrocker13 as Italy
6 - Cragsterboy as Russia
7 - Angelaiah013 as Turkey
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Ill give the website, game name, and password after we get 7


wth is this, Tala?


Too much to read on wikipedia. It is like paras and paras long and u know how i feel abt reading.

I'm curious so I'd join ;)


simple game to conquer the world lol

basically pieces have same power, to win a fight you need to attack with more then 1 piece, but you can only have 1 piece per country

no you dont have to buy anything

its free
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Why dont you guys join mines. His is a good idea but mine could help you guys understand strategy to play his?


I've played Diplomacy (the board game) once and enjoyed it. I would love a chance to play online. Sign me up.


Roy, your game is REALLY confusing, and seems like you will need constant calculations to play


i love strategy games...*no wonder i signed up for the west*...

-is there any slot available?

- can i join?


great then, thats 7

The game will be played in 24 hour turns, if you dont put anything in 24 hrs, the game will assume you 'passed' your turn

i hope yall read the rules in the wiki (at least the basic object of the game)

Im sending each player the site and game thru PM


I sent the 7 a mail on how to get started and join the game

tell me if you didnt get the mail (i might have typo'ed your name)

theres 24 hrs before the game actually starts (21 hrs now)